Sydney Cycle Paths for Kids’ Bikes, Scooters and Prams

Sydney Cycle Paths for Kids

There are so many different places for kids to ride their bikes or scooters but on our journeys around the City we have found some really great Sydney Cycle Paths for Kids’ Bikes, Scooters and Prams.


While they are not necessarily dedicated to children’s bike riding these are all great paths that are frequently used as such by my kids and other Sydney kids. 


Sydney’s Best Cycle Paths for

Kids’ Bikes, Scooters and Prams


The requirements

At this stage, with my children being new to bikes and scooters the requirements for this list are very specific.

1. The area must be flat in case the kids go off the sides of the track.

2. It can’t be part of a busy cycleway because the kids are still swerving all over the place.

3. The path must be safe from the road or enclosed.

4. It’s preferred that they be in the same spot as some other form of entertainment when everyone gets bored of riding or scooting.

Road signs and path markings for entertainment purposes are nice but not required. I also prefer that the path is smooth so that there are no serious scooter accidents.


Sydney Cycle Paths for Kids' Bikes, Scooters and Prams


Sydney Cycle Paths for Kids’ Bikes, Scooters and Prams


To date, here is are our great finds. I will update this list as we discover new places.  


If you know of any more that I have left of the list, please let me know so that we can check it out and report back.


1. Fearnley Grounds in Centennial Park


The first of the good Sydney Cycle Paths for Kids’ Bikes, Scooters and Prams has to be Fearnley Grounds in Centennial Park. 

This place has all you nee, there is a playground, a great big cycle way and a playground. 

There is a proper cycleway for kids with painted signs, zebra crossings and road markings. At one point in the path there is a giant tunnel to go through. The path is wide enough to be two sides of the road with directional traffic when it gets busy on the weekend. 

There are two downsides to this cycle path a) it gets really busy on the weekend and b) the path is not enclosed but there is a grassy distance between the path and the Park road. 

Here is a link to the full review of Fearnley Grounds. 

Sydney Cycle Paths for Kids' Bikes, Scooters and Prams



2. Brightmore Reserve in Cremorne


This is a favourite of all Lower North Shore kids! The reserve has a cycle path that is specifically designed for little kids. With a filling station and “parking spots” for the bikes and scooters, it winds around a playground and trees. Kids absolutely love this place. 


There is a fully enclosed playground and is perfect for young kids. 


The only downside to this Sydney Cycle Paths for Kids’ Bikes, Scooters and Prams is that the parking is limited and it can get full on the weekends. 


Here is the link to the full review of Brightmore Reserve, Cremorne




3. Lake Belvedere at Sydney Olympic Park


This was an unexpected discovery as we went to play at the playground and go swept up in the lovely pathways down and around the lake. 


There is a playground and a cafe for a change of scenery and sustenance. 


The only downside to these paths is that you may choose a route that goes up and down the hill. At one stage I found myself pushing the pram and carrying the scooter with two kids in tow. The hill isn’t that bad but you will need to have some incentive to keep the kids’ momentum going. 


Here is the full review of the cycle paths  Around Lake Belvedere at Sydney Olympic Park

4. Around Curl Curl Lagoon 


Curl Curl Lagoon is a great area to let kids ride their bikes or scooters. Even if you don’t have a toddler yet but you do want a new space to walk with the pram. This is a good place to try. 

There is a path alongside the lagoon that then crosses over the lagoon at Park Street to the playground and netball courts. 

If you visit on a weekend afternoon you will see lots of little kids practicing their riding and scooting on the netball courts. 

The downside to this cycle path is that there are sometimes runners or people walking their dogs. You will have to be mindful of the kids staying semi straight sometimes. There is also no coffee on the route, you will have to go to one of the nearby coffee shops. 

Here is a link to the full review of North Curl Curl Lagoon


sydneys best kids cycle paths for bikes, trikes, scooters and prams

5. Along Balmoral Beach in Mosman 


There are few places that are as beautiful as Balmoral Beach in Mosman. It is quitessentially Sydney. Beautiful water views, those rowdy cockatoos, children playing and people walking. 


Balmoral Beach is good as a Sydney Cycle Paths for Kids’ Bikes, Scooters and Prams because you can follow the path along the beach, past the playground and then around the playing fields.


Kids’ entertainment wise there is a playground, the beach and plenty of places to stop for coffee. 


The downside to walking along Balmoral Beach is the cost of parking so be sure to try nab one of the free parking spots near the park. 


Here is a link to the full review: Along Balmoral Beach in Mosman


6. Golden Jubilee Field, North Wahroonga


Golden Jubilee Field is awesome if your child is an adventurer at heart. Not only is there an long path around a few playing fields but there is also a mountain bike circuit. They wouldn’t be able to traverse the whole course but there are some hills and ramps and bumps they would enjoy. 


There is a small playground on the other end of the field. If you’re really luck you may see some light model aeroplanes flying around. 


This is also a good walk with the prams as the loop around the fields is really long (much longer that any of the other paths listed here) and the views are quite beautiful. 



Here is the link to the full review of Golden Jubilee Field




7. Bicentennial Park, West Pymble 

There are two aspects to cycling or scooting in Bicentennial Park, there are the paths through the playground and the paths through the park itself. 

It is a lovely park to walk through. There are two playgrounds and grassy fields for the kids to play on. As this is in the same area as the refurbished aquatic centre you could always incorporate a swim. 

The two downsides to Bicentennial Park are that

– It is quite hilly, especially if your kids want to go down to check out the rivulet.

– The path isn’t as smooth as some of the others. 

Here is a link to the review of the playground which will give you information on how to get there and what to expect Bicentennial Park Walk

Sydney Cycle Paths for Kids' Bikes, Scooters and Prams


8. Passmore Reserve, North Manly 

Passmore Reserve is not a cycle way, it is a path that circles playing fields and then enters a playground. It is still one of our Sydney Cycle Paths for Kids’ Bikes, Scooters and Prams. 

The playground is lots of fun but in need of the refurbishment that it is getting soon. 

The only downside here is that the path does get quite close to the road but it is bordered by some big trees.  


Here is a link to the full review of Passmore Reserve. 



9. St Ives Showgrounds


Inside St Ives Showgrounds is a playground that has a cycleway inside it. Be careful there are three playgrounds so you may first land up at the wrong one if you’re like me. 


This a good cycle path as it is enclosed and there are no main roads close by. As it is inside a playground the kids can chop and choose between cycling and playing. 


The only downside to this path is that it isn’t as smooth as some of the others. There is the occasional bump and lump in the path. 


Here is the link to the full review of the St Ives Showgrounds playgrounds which includes information on how to get there and where to go.


sydney's best cycle paths for kids learning to ride a bike or scoot


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