Fearnley Grounds Playground and Cycleway in Centennial Parklands 

Fearnley Grounds Playground and Cycleway in Centennial Parklands 

Fearnley Grounds is a great space to spend a long morning or afternoon with the kids. There is a playground surrounded by  bike paths for kids and a cafe to boot.
I don’t know Centennial Parklands at all and when I do visit I don’t know where I am or where I need to be.


I love visiting Centennial Parklands, it is so beautiful! It is Sydney’s equivalent to Central Park. For me knowing how to get to Fearnley Grounds Playground and Cycleway is a welcome relief because I know that we’ll have a great time and there is enough to keep everyone in the family happy.



Where is Fearnley Grounds Playground


Coming from the North the easiest address to put into your GPS is Grand Drive, Centennial Park, 2021. This is the main road that runs in a circle around Centennial Park. Following Grand Drive will take you around Centennial Park and eventually to Fearnley Grounds.


Fearnley Grounds is located in the South West corner of Centennial Parklands opposite the Equestrian grounds. The closest gates are the Randwick Gates. In the picture below the big red arrow points to Fearnley Grounds.


Fearnley Grounds Playground and Cycleway in Centennial Parklands


Fearnley Grounds Features



The Playground



Playgrounds in Centennial Park


The Playground sits in the centre of Fearnley Grounds. I’m not sure you can tell from the pictures but the whole playground sits on top of wood chips. 


There are two play structures on either end of the playground both with slippy dips. The picture above shows the green play structure with hanging bars, firemen’s pole and the twirly slippy dip. It is predominately made out of metal and suited to slightly older kids.


The picture in the bottom shows the second play structure in the distance – it is middle picture with the two towers and yellow slippy dip. This is more suited to smaller kids. 


There is a set of swings and one of those sprung seats for the little kids. In the middle of the playground are two suspension bridges, also in the middle photo below. 


Fearnley Grounds Playground and Cycleway in Centennial Parklands


The Kids Cycle Path

This is a lovely cycleway with painted road signs, zebra crossings and a big tunnel to ride through.  


In child terms this is a big cycle way. I don’t know how much road there is but it is the biggest kids’ cycleway I’ve been to. Your children will get tired going around here a few times no doubt. 


The surface of the cycleway is pretty even which is perfect for kids learning to scoot or ride a bike. 




Where to cycle with kids in centennial parklands


The Cafe – The Greenhouse 

The Cafe is more than just a kiosk. You can order a campos coffee or take away for breakfast or lunch and sit down inside or out.


The Greenhouse is open seven days a week and trading hours are generally:

  • Sunday to Friday: 6.30 am – 4.00 pm
  • Saturday: 6.30 am – 5.00 pm


Fearnley Grounds Playground and Cycleway in Centennial Parklands


The Bike Hire – Centennial Park Cycles


This is one of Sydney’s largest and best bicycle hire and service facilities.


There are all sorts of bikes to choose from including mountain bikes, road bikes, kids bikes and hybrid bikes. There are even some very cool looking pedal cars which I would love to have a go on.


Centennial Park Cycles are open from 8.30 am – 5.30 pm, seven days a week. The last hire is at 4pm though.


Fearnley Grounds Facilities


The whole space is flat and easily accessible to those with prams. 


There is plenty of shade provided by the trees in the grounds. Unfortunately the playground itself is not shaded. 


Thankfully there are bathrooms really close to the playground.


You can stay all day and have a picnic or a BBQ. There is plenty of space, picnic tables and a free gas BBQ.


Parking isn’t a problem as there is plenty of parking along




The Downside to Fearnley Grounds 

The major problem with the playground and the kids cycle path is that it is not enclosed from the Park’s internal road. You do have to be vigilant with the kids, especially when they’re on the cycleway.

The only other thing to be aware of is how busy Fearnley Grounds gets on the weekends. On any given weekend there will be at least a few birthday parties or get togethers going on. 


Are you looking for other great places for the kids to ride their bikes?

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