Balmoral Pram Walk, Mosman

Balmoral Beach Pram Walk

With or without the pram, Summer or Winter


Although it’s autumn / winter it’s still possible to enjoy the beach. I took our littelest for a stroll along Balmoral Beach in her pram and it was lovely.


Balmoral Beach is great for kids in the summer but this post is about the awesome walk you can do alongside the beach. With or without the pram, trikes, bikes or scooters in tow.


There is a wide walking path all along Balmoral Beach. The path extends from the South End of the Esplanade all the way up to the Bathers’ Pavillion. It is  perfect for mum’s with prams.


where is balmoral beach

Getting to Balmoral Beach


You can put Balmoral Beach or The Esplanade, Mosman into your GPS.



There is parking the whole way along, just depends if you’re willing to pay otherwise there is parking off from the Esplanade.


I would look for parking on Lower Almora Street, Park Lane or Hunter Road for cheaper rates and some free 2 hour parking) .

Balmoral Beach Pram Walk

Why choose the Balmoral Beach for a Pram Walk


The walk is just gorgeous because of the sea view (you’re right up alongside the beach) and because of the large green areas on the other side.


Your pram occupant can get out and have a run if she gets antsy because there is enough space.



Places to stop at on your Balmoral Beach Pram Walk


As you continue on your Balmoral Beach Pram Walk there are a number of places where you can stop and let the kids run and play. And these three stops are completely aside from the gorgeous beach you walk along.


1. Spare some change for the Melanoma Society, University of Sydney for Cancer research.


Balmoral Beach Pram Walk


2. Explore the Balmoral Rotunda which was built in 1930.

Balmoral Beach Pram Walk
3. Play in the playground at the South End of the Esplanade. 


For the full review on the Playground you can click on Balmoral Beach Playground.

If you have a hyper-active 3 year old with you, the Oval is a great inclusion to the walk. You’ll find the Oval at the South End of the Esplanade on the opposite side of the road from the playground.


Facilities along the Balmoral Beach Pram Walk


There are bathrooms all along the walk so you don’t have to worry about your kids if you’re in the throws of potty training.


You don’t have to worry about getting your coffee fix on the way to Balmoral Beach because there are a number of restaurants and kiosks along the water.


There are also benches in the shade dotted along the walk.

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