Christmas Presents for Kids (2019)

Can you believe I’ve already started thinking about Christmas Presents for Kids? It felt like just yesterday that we were doing Halloween and the week before that was Easter. I really don’t know where this year has gone. I don’t recall having done a Christmas Presents for Kids Gift Guide last year I think it […]

FREE SYDNEY: 40 free things to see and do in Sydney [UPDATED]

Free Sydney  Free Sydney is a list of 40 things to see and do that, unlike most things in Sydney, won’t break the bank. This list is about experiencing Sydney in various ways and forms. There should be something for everybody on this list. If you have got visitors coming to Sydney this list of […]

Hamilton Island with kids

We’re just back from Hamilton Island and yes, it’s as good as everyone says it is! The palm trees, the blue water, the light sand and the warm weather. Hamilton Island is a great holiday away with the kids. There is plenty to do for the whole family! Water sports, walks, a driving range, good […]

Best Sydney Beaches for Kids

Best Sydney Beaches for Kids  The Best Sydney Beaches for Kids is a hard list to make because there are so many great beaches in Sydney. But, for a beach to be great for kids, it needs to: be shallow for a long way or enclosed have good sand to play on be sheltered from […]

Sydney’s Best Playgrounds

Sydney’s Best Playgrounds  This is our list of Sydney’s Best Playgrounds. There are hundreds if not thousands of playgrounds in Sydney, lots of which are written about and to be honest aren’t that great. Staying at home with two young kids sends you out the house in search of entertainment most days of the week. […]

My scar ectopic pregnancy – hopefully the worst experience of my life

My scar ectopic pregnancy – hopefully the worst experience of my life Today is my birthday. Two years ago today, I was in hospital with a scar ectopic pregnancy. I’ve been held at knife point, I’ve miscarried, I’ve immigrated across the world. None of that compares to the scar ectopic. It was the worst experience […]

Spot it! An observation game for kids

Spot it! is one of the best games that we’ve ever received without knowing anything about it beforehand. Yes, my kids have been given great games in the past such as Mouse Trap and Operation. But either my husband or I knew about the game beforehand. Spot it! was completely new to us and a […]

Waitara Park Playground

This post is all about new Waitara Park Playground, the inclusive enclosed playground on Sydney’s north shore. It’s so good to see so many playgrounds that are being improved to make them accessible and enjoyable for kids of all abilities. The most exciting thing about this playground, aside from its accessibility has to be the […]

Our October Books: what my kids are reading this month

We’ve got some great October Books that I’ve hidden in the cupboard from my kids, waiting for this month to roll around.

Our October books include Where’s Wally Double Trouble, Emma Yarlett’s Beast Feast and Sophie Dahl’s Madame Badobedah. We’ve also got a new author with a completely different style in The Corner of my Eye. It’s a strange choice for us, both story and illustration wise but there was something about it that drew me to it.

Visiting the Central Deborah Gold Mine with kids

Going down a gold mine has to be one of the best things I’ve ever done with the kids. I was really worried about visiting the Central Deborah Gold Mine with kids. Going down a mine with two children alone… But it was so unnecessary!! The whole experience was perfect and they both loved it as much as I did.

Angry Birds 2 (2019)

The kids and I just went to see Angry Birds 2. It’s not my favourite movie of the year, it’s no Toy Story 4, but it was good enough to keep the kids busy, especially during a rainy day on the school holidays. I remember watching Angry Birds and being amazed at how the creators […]

Parsley Bay Playground, Vaucluse

The new parsley bay playground is really lovely in that it just fits in with the area. The way it’s been built, the equipment that has been included and the colouring of it all is just lovely.