FREE SYDNEY: 40 free things to see and do in Sydney [UPDATED]

Free Sydney  Free Sydney is a list of 40 things to see and do that, unlike most things in Sydney, won’t break the bank. This list is about experiencing Sydney in various ways and forms. There should be something for everybody on this list. If you have got visitors coming to Sydney this list of […]

Hamilton Island with kids

We’re just back from Hamilton Island and yes, it’s as good as everyone says it is! The palm trees, the blue water, the light sand and the warm weather. Hamilton Island is a great holiday away with the kids. There is plenty to do for the whole family! Water sports, walks, a driving range, good […]

Best Sydney Beaches for Kids

Best Sydney Beaches for Kids  The Best Sydney Beaches for Kids is a hard list to make because there are so many great beaches in Sydney. But, for a beach to be great for kids, it needs to: be shallow for a long way or enclosed have good sand to play on be sheltered from […]

Rainy Days in Sydney – more than 99 activities for kids [UPDATED]

SYDNEY RAINY DAY ACTIVITIES FOR THE FAMILY  Rainy days in Sydney don’t have to make you want to pull your hair out. I know that when I check the weather and it says its going to rain I want to cry. Trying to entertain toddlers, well children of any age, when its rainy is not […]

Sydney’s Best Playgrounds

Sydney’s Best Playgrounds  This is our list of Sydney’s Best Playgrounds. There are hundreds if not thousands of playgrounds in Sydney, lots of which are written about and to be honest aren’t that great. Staying at home with two young kids sends you out the house in search of entertainment most days of the week. […]

My scar ectopic pregnancy – hopefully the worst experience of my life

My scar ectopic pregnancy – hopefully the worst experience of my life Today is my birthday. Two years ago today, I was in hospital with a scar ectopic pregnancy. I’ve been held at knife point, I’ve miscarried, I’ve immigrated across the world. None of that compares to the scar ectopic. It was the worst experience […]

Toy Story 1 – a mom’s review of the very first movie

With the new Toy Story coming out, it’s time to work through the Toy Story movies again.

I’m working out the good, the bad and the age guide for these movies. And i’ve added a small guideline of the plot, hopefully without giving too much away.

If you had to pay the stay home parent what would it cost you in dollars and cents? I've got the results of a study that have calculated the average salary of a stay home mum. You'll be blown away!

The average salary for a Stay Home Mum in Australia

If you had to pay the stay home parent what would it cost you in dollars and cents? I’ve got the results of a study that have calculated the average salary of a stay home mum. You’ll be blown away!

Not sure what to play with your young kids in the car, AllThingsMomSydney offers some suggestions.

Car games for kids

We’ve just completed two long road trips with the kids and it’s really important to have some car games for kids. I’m talking I-spy type of games. Games where they don’t have to be hooked up to the iPad with head phone. Not that I’m judging, my son watched the I-pad for a record 9 […]

Animal Nursery Rhymes

A few years back I published a whole bunch of Nursery Rhymes on the site and I hadn’t thought about them since. Until my little one started telling me new Nursery Rhymes and I went back to have a look at the ones on the AllThingsMomSydney. It has now come time to add to those […]

The Public House in Albury is the best place to eat!

Public House in Albury – best place to eat between Sydney and Melbourne

If you’re stopping to eat in Albury – don’t stop anywhere else other than Public House! With lots of space, good food and a really smart interior why would you stop anywhere else on your trip between Sydney and Melbourne. It’s touted as a pub on its website but it’s so much better than what […]

Recommended Movies for Younger Kids

Movies for Younger Kids It’s hard to find suitable movies for younger kids. I’m hoping that this list of recommended movies for young kids makes it a little easier to find thing that you’re happy letting your child watch. Despite my daughter’s unwavering love of Frozen, I actually haven’t included it in this list. I […]

April Activities at Golden Ridge Animal Farm

If you follow AllThingsMomSydney you’ll know that we love love Golden Ridge Animal Farm and this month they have two awesome sets of activities lined up. The April Activities at Golden Ridge Animal Farm are definitely worth checking out. If we weren’t away we would be there for sure. There are special Easter Long Weekend […]

Family getaway to the Hunter Valley 

Family getaway to the Hunter Valley  With our first school holidays we felt we had to make the most of it and have a family getaway. We’d never done the Hunter Valley and it seemed close enough to Sydney to keep the family sane during the road trip. So the family getaway to the Hunter […]

Preparing to visit Hamilton Island

Australian Travel: Preparing to visit Hamilton Island  We’re in Hamilton Island and in the lead up to our visit I have been researching extensively. I’ve realized that there isn’t enough information on what to take or what to pack for a visit. I’m hoping this post fills this gap.  This post has been created following […]