Meet the blogger 

Hi, I’m Michal



My origins

In my past life I was a lawyer who focused on Constitutional and Human Rights in South Africa through the process of studying to be a lawyer and practicing I had to learn how to research and string sentences together. Despite now being a Stay Home Mom, the lawyer in me is still strong – I love to read and write and have to negotiate with the two kids in our house just for survival, occasionally for fun I may litigate against my husband 🙂


And now

I’m a mom of two, a little boy who is in love with the colour Green, fixing things and making inventions and a little girl who loves her brother and anything to do with Minnie Mouse or The Wiggles.


Both of them are very active and love adventure, whether that be indoors or out. Looking after them must be like training for the olympics – a question of physical endurance and mental strength 🙂 You can check out a post about a day in our lives here to see what we get up to, or rather what they get up to while I try wrangle them.



Just over a year ago my husband and I together with our two small children (one was really little, only 4 months old) moved to Sydney, Australia. We are now proud Sydneysiders living North of the City. AllThingsMomSydney was born as a result of researching where to go and what to do with our kids in Sydney and getting to know our adopted country.



What is the blog about 

AllThingsMomSydney is not just about parenting nor is it exclusively about Sydney – its about everything that I need or like – yes, I am a mom and most of the stuff we do and publish is about family but there are also posts about things I do alone, things I do with friends or with my husband and of course things I love like homewares and books (and a bit of TV for good measure).


AllThingsMomSydney is a reflection of me or rather a simple version of me as I haven’t yet worked out all the tricks of blogging, websites, hyperlinks and PlugIns 🙂


On all ThingsMomSydney you will find great beaches to visit, parks and playgrounds, picnic spots, travel ideas, parenting humour, gift ideas, product reviews and parenting resources. Take a look around and let me know if there is something you would like us to explore.


Hopefully you’ll find something on AllThingsMomSydney that you would love to or information that is helpful to you.


Should you wish to get in touch you can email me at [email protected] or find me at the following links – each has slightly different content so for a full picture follow a few.






Thanks for dropping by and enjoy!