Flying Fox / Winnererremy Bay Park Playground, Mona Vale 


Flying Fox playground is a great playground. It’s famously one of the best on Sydney’s North Shore. With a big walking path circling the open flat park, a coffee shop and playground it ticks all the boxes.


Whether you’re up for a picnic, scooter ride or a quick play in a playground Flying Fox will be worthwhile.


flying fox park

Where is Flying Fox Park


Initially when I heard about it I struggled to work out how to find it. People refer to it as Flying Fox playground but it is actually called Winnererremy Bay Park or Winnererremy Bay Foreshore Reserve.


Flying Fox playground is in Mona Vale close to Pittwater High School.


The address you can use for your GPS is 2 Mona Street, Mona Vale, 2103.

flying fox playground, mona vale, sydney


What is so great about the park?


The parkland itself is lovely and flat with a big looping walkway around it.


I can think of a few reasons to visit, depending on what you want to do:

  • It’s a great place for a picnic with the trees and the permanent umbrellas.
  • Kids can play on the waters edge in the sand without you needing to get in the water.
  • The walkway is perfect for scooters or bike rides as it is pretty even.
  • Wanting to run or kick a ball there is a big piece of grass in the middle of the walkway.
  • Burn off some energy at the playground.
  • Go exploring the woods beyond the playground in Rowland Reserve.This seems to be where people who don’t have a crazy 3 year old on a bike who is trying to kill himself. Between my son and the pram we didn’t get far.


Playground Features

The playground is big and has a ton of different aspects to explore.

  • slides
  • swings for babies and little kids
  • climbing sets
  • flying fox (of course)
  • those bouncy things with the spring
  • roundabout
  • There are climbing frames for little kids and bigger pre-schoolers. ‘


The playground floor is that soft stuff which means a fall isn’t as hard as it could be and has seating inside with plenty of shady areas too should you find yourself there in the middle of the day.


Below is a picture of one of the playground areas which is a ship, loved by all boys I can assure you.

flying fox playground


Additional Features

The adjacent cafe is open from 8 am to 5:30 so you can take the kids down in the morning or afternoon and still be able to grab a coffee.


According to the council website there are BBQs available but to be honest I haven’t seen them while child wrangling. There are plenty of covered picnic tables so they are probably in this area.


I also not laid eyes on the bathrooms but with the restaurant right there I can’t imagine that there aren’t toilets nearby.


Parking is available all around the park or you can park in the car park on the South side of the park which is paid parking.



I would definitely recommend a visit! In fact updating this post makes me want to go back today except its raining. Maybe tomorrow. See you there.



If you’re in the area and keen for some lunch – go check out The Newport. Especially if its a lovely day and you want to sit in a pretty environment. 

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