Green Street Park Playground, Brookvale

Green Street Park Playground, Brookvale

I love Green Street Park. So much so that I thought long and hard as to whether I should share this secret gem with you. But we are all friends so you deserve to know about it too. Maybe we’ll cross paths one afternoon.


I had driven past Green Street Park Playground on so many occasions, each time promising myself that we would visit but we were always in a hurry to get to Warringah Mall so we never did. Last week I decided that our afternoon activity would be a visit to this playground and I am so glad we went.


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I can’t believe how empty the playground was and I don’t know if it was just the day we visited or if that is the normal attendance. We will definitely be back and if it is different or crowded, I will be sure to update this post accordingly.


Where is Green Street Park Playground 


It may come as a huge surprise but Green Street Park Playground is on Green Street 🙂 If you are a regular at Warringah Mall then you may know where the Aldi is. Well Aldi is on the corner of Green Street and Cross. Now the Green Street Park Playground is at the other end of the road, on the corner of Green Street and Old Pittwater Road.


The offical address for the playground is 29 Old Pittwater Road, Brookvale.


Getting to Green Street Park Playground is easy. Parking is an absolute nightmare! There is hardly any parking on Green Street because there are so many driveways into commercial buildings. Old Pittwater does have parking but when we visited on a mid-week afternoon there was not a gap anywhere.


The closest parking we could get was on the road opposite the nursery and the greengrocer. While this is close enough, you do have to cross Green Street which is quite busy.


Playground Features


The playground has a feel of one of the Livvi’s Place Playgrounds it has a gate dedicated to people in wheelchairs and all areas of the playground are accessible if you are in a wheelchair. But it isn’t a Livvi’s Place Playground. The swings don’t provide access for children with disabilities nor does the roundabout. It is a pity because this is a wonderful space otherwise.


The minute we got beyond the gate my kids took off in different directions to explore different parts of the playground.


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Now the park isn’t big – not nearly as big as some of the more popular on the Northern Beaches but it does have enough to keep the kids entertained.


In the playground there are a few designated play areas: 

  1. Baby swings and a roundabout. These are honestly the safest and most structurally sound baby swings I have ever put my daughter into.
  2. Climbing net with a look out deck. The lookout deck isn’t very high as it is only on the next level but it is lots of fun for an active imagination.
  3. A long climbing frame.
  4. Swings for bigger kids and a play gym with a slide. Be careful with those swings if you are there in the afternoon – they get really really hot.


The playground has natural elements to it with the trees and bushes being incorporated into the design of the playground. There are rocks to walk on and a bridge over a potential waterway.


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Additionally, there is a pathway that weaves through the playground and the various play areas which is perfect for trikes and scooters. Not to mention the pathway makes moving around with a pram a lot easier.
I especially love that there is a lot of flat grass and a beautiful tree which you can set up a picnic blanket under. I would be quite happy spending the afternoon reading a book under that tree and watching the kids play.

Thankfully the playground is fully enclosed so you don’t have to worry about any escape artists trying to make a dash for it.

Playground Facilities


Unfortunately there are no bathrooms which is always such a disappointment. Little kids = potting training = bathrooms. Additionally there is no coffee shop within walking distance, that I know of, so you can’t even grab a cup of coffee, snack and use the loo.


There is shade cover – from the trees and from those sails that are erected over the playground. One of the sails also covers a picnic bench.


Benches are dotted around the park but I would suggest taking a picnic blanket or throw with you in case the playground in full.


At the Old Pittwater Road entrance there is a bubbler to keep the kids hydrated.



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