Bicentennial Park Playground, West Pymble

Bicentennial Park Playground, West Pymble

Two playgrounds, easy parking, grass for days and walkways perfect for scooters and trikes makes Kuringai Bicentennial Park in West Pymble pretty decent.


How to get to Bicentennial Park Playground, West Pymble 

There are a few ways to get to the playground but by far the most convenient is to enter at Prince of Wales Drive.


The red pin is where you’ll land up by putting Kuringai Bicentennial Park into Apple maps. The blue is where the playground is.


Where is Bicentennial Park Playground, West Pymble


If you know how to get to West Pymble Aquatic center just follow the arrows to the end of the car park and you’ll find the playground on your left.


In the map below the open field on the right is the Norman Griffiths Feild and the one on the left is Lofberg Oval.


Where is Bicentennial Park Playground, West Pymble

Features of Bicentennial Park Playground, West Pymble 

There are two playgrounds adjacent to each other. They are separated by a fence but with a gate should you need to come and go between the two of them.


The one playground is suited to smaller kids while the other caters for bigger kids who are more interested in climbing and hanging.


If your kids are playing in the bigger playround make sure you’re aware that it is not completely fenced.

Bicentennial Park Playground, West Pymble


Bicentennial Park’s Little kids playground


The smaller-kids-playground features:

  • a cubby house with a slide
  • a climbing net and a
  • swings
  • a big sandpit


Throughout the playground there are little paths for kids to ride their bikes or scooters along.


The playground is completely enclosed by a fence so it’s safe for them to ride around.


There is plenty seating, picnic benches and tables. Shade comes in the form of a structure over most of the tables and tons of trees.

Bicentennial Park Playground, West Pymble


Bicentennial Park Playground’s Facilities


There are toilets at the car park a short walk from the playground. If you don’t like these ones you can head to the ones inside the aquatic centre.


While there is no kiosk at the playground inside the aquatic centre is a small kiosk – right next to the pool on level 2 where you can grab a coffee.


The BBQ facilities are just outside the playground and next to a field where the kids can run and run.

Bicentennial Park Playground, West Pymble

Pram Walk

It’s not just the playground that is the draw card but the Park itself. We went on a Pram walk past the playround, over a bridge to the Lofberg oval and back again along the storm water riverlet. It’s a lovely environment to walk in and explore for adults and kids alike.



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