The Loft Cafe, Macquarie Centre

The Loft Cafe 

The Loft Cafe is one of the Mac Center’s hidden gems. It is a perfect space for little kids come rain or shine as you can grab a coffee and good food while the little ones play.


Where is the Loft Cafe

Hidden at the very top of Macquarie Centre on Level 4 is this awesome cafe. I am amazed that it flown under my radar until now. With delicious eats, good coffee and a small play area right on its doorstop it ticks a lot of boxes.

It is right next door to Chipmunks and as I have been there before (and the noise nearly killed me) I am surprised I did not notice before.

Loft Cafe, Mac Center

The Loft Cafe Features

Adult Food 

The food that I have ordered off the menu has been great. I’ve had their french toast and their crepes, within the same week, both of which come topped with strawberries and bananas and served with mascarpone and a berry compote. Next time I’m going to try the Jamaican Jerk Chicken or the Lamb Ragu Pasta.

While there is a designated kids menu, the kids ate off the adults menu and loved the food. This is a major achievement in itself.

If you don’t like the look of menu, which I doubt, there is also an array of freshly baked goods.

Kids food at The Loft Cafe

Children’s food

The kids menu includes

  • egg or cheese fingers on toast,
  • chicken nuggets and fries,
  • spaghetti bolognese and
  • a mini cheeseburger with chips.


We haven’t eaten off the kids menu because the kids always choose to eat of the adults menu before even seeing the kids menu.


The Loft Cafe serves up a fantastic baby chino which is served with a dusting of hot chocolate and a marshmallow.


The service is also good and they didn’t even think I was crazy when I asked that our marshmallows be white instead of pink.

The Loft Cafe is open Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 5pm and on Sunday from 9am to 4pm.

 Loft Cafe Coffee

The Loft Cafe kids play area

Outside of the cafe there is an area. The are has lots of soft foam shapes to play with on a soft sprung floor. It is a lot like the soft play areas you get at indoor play centers.

The “soft play area” is not official linked to the Cafe but the Cafe’s outside seating is right next to the play area. You can easily sit and keep your kid visual while you have a coffee or something more substantial.

 Loft Cafe

Downside to the Cafe 

The downside to the Cafe is that there are no toilets inside so you have to make use of the Center’s toilets. The closest toilets are located on the same level but next to PetStock. If you’re stuck trying to work out where everything is check out the Mac Centre Floor Plan for the 4th floor.

If you’re at the Mac Centre and looking for somewhere to take the kids to play outdoors West Pymble Bicentennial Park is just down the road and has a playground and plenty of space for the kids to run around.


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