Wahroonga Park Playground

The Famous Wahroonga Park Playground

Wahroonga Park Playground is awesome.  I rate it as one of my top North Shore playgrounds. It could actually be the best playground on Sydney’s North Shore. It is set in a beautiful park and has all sorts of interesting playground equipment.


Where is Wahroonga Park Playground

Wahroonga is a suburb on Sydney’s Upper North Shore.


The Wahroonga Park Playground is at the heart of Wahroonga, close to shops and the train station.



The address on my GPS and the quick internet search I did showed Millewa Avenue. However,  you could put in any of the streets that borders the park as they all have parking. You can try:

  • Stuart Street
  • Illoura Avenue
  • Coonanbarra Road.

In fact I wouldn’t aim for Millewa as its parking isn’t great as its the road that borders the train station.


The park itself is located nearest to the Stuart Street / Coonanbarra Road intersection as shown on the aerial photograph below.


Wahroonga Park Playground Features


The playground is just lovely and is very popular which you can easily guess at with how many Facebook groups and websites it appears on.


I think the allure is:

  • How many different things there are to play on.
  • That the playground is enclosed.
  • There are benches and plenty of seating for weary adults.
  • A coffee shop right across the road.

Other elements in the playground


  • Metal balls you step on to make musical notes (or if you have a 3 year old male – an earsplitting cacophony).


Wahroonga Park Playground

  • Cool climbing frames with ropes and ladders.


 best playground on Sydney's North Shore
Wahroonga Park Playground   best playground on Sydney's North Shore

  • Slides for big kids and little kids.


Wahroonga Park Playground
 best playground on Sydney's North Shore

  • See-saw and roundabout type things
  • Swings (although most of the bigger-kid swings are outside of the enclosed area)
  • Flying Fox
  • A giant wooden train to drive, ride on or crawl through. Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t do it justice as this is just the engine part of the train – there are carriages too.

Wahroonga Park Playground

 best playground on Sydney's North Shore


Wahroonga Park Playground Facilities


It would be remiss of me not to mention that there is a bubbler.


The bigger playground structures also have wood chips under them.


While the park doesn’t have a dedicated trike track there are walking paths that seem suitable for trikes and scooters.



One of the problems with the Playground

The one problem with the park is that the toilets are at the top end of the park. That end is closer to Illoura Avenue than the playground. At least they cater for families with a large bathroom that has a smaller loo and a change table.



Wahroonga Park


There is space in the playground to have your morning tea but there is not much grass in the playground area. For proper running and big picnics for that you would need to go outside into the park. The park is lovely and very well maintained so it’s worth having a look around or laze in while there.

Wahroonga Park Playground
 best playground on Sydney's North Shore



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