Willow Park, Hornsby 

Willow Park Playground

I have driven past this Willow Park Playground hundreds of times and always seen it filled with carers chasing after their children. As it is completely enclosed by a fence I couldn’t really see what the park was like so I decided to check it out for myself.


One warm winter morning the littlest and I checked it out and it was great.

Willow Park Playground

Where is Willow Park Playground

Willow Park Playground in Hornsby on Sydney’s Upper North Shore.



The official address is Cr Edgeworth David Avenue and Sherbrook Road, Hornsby, NSW, 2077.

If you know Hornsby at all, you’ll know that Edgeworth David is a very busy street so it’s a bit chaotic with a baby or toddler in the car if you don’t know where you’re going.



I would aim for  5 Sherbrook Road and park for anywhere that you can find from thereon.

Willow Park Playground Features

There are a few separate play areas:

  • a large wooden structure with slides and a long wooden deck
  • little kid swings
  • a structure for little kids to play on
  • big kid swings
  • swing frame with tiny balancing blocks


The playground was beautifully built and the structures are great. However, it is a little run down and has been marked by a bit of graffiti which is disappointing. It is not as sparkling clean as they Hornsby Shire Council website implies.


The large wooden structure with slides and a long wooden deck

As you can see from the pictures below there are least four slides coming off this structure. You can climb up by using two sets of stairs or you can run up the wooden ramp. Underneath the wooden structure you can play and hide or crawl through the tunnel. It’s a lovely structure to play on for kids of all ages.

Willow Park Playground Hornsby


There are two sets of swings. One is geared to little kids which are that bucket shape and then on the other side of the playground are the big kid swings.


Structure for little kids 

At the back of the park is a little structure for smaller kids. This has small steps and a slide. Right next to it is an area for with a little shelf for imaginative play and plastic counting rings.
Willow Park Playground Hornsby

Just around the corner from this, towards the middle of the playground, is a strange yet cool rocking horse thing. This contraption has three separate seats and each can operate independently from the others. It rocks quite gently back and forth.


The problem with this when you’ve got little kids is it is made of metal and not suitable for under 2s without parent supervision. By parental supervision I mean you have to stand there and hold them on it while they try rock it as hard as they can. My 18 month old would not get off.


Willow Park Playground Hornsby


Swing frame with tiny balancing blocks

Also in the middle of the playground is a wooden frame with metal handle bars, some small balancing blocks and another balancing contraption where the kids hold on and walk between plastic disks. This is great for slightly older kids.


Willow Park Playground Features

The playground is completely enclosed so safe to take escapees to.


The area is all flat so its easy to navigate with a pram or should your threenager want to take his or her scooter with.


As you can see from the pictures below, there are tons of benches, picnic tables, shaded areas. There are bathrooms but I didn’t try them out.     


Downside to Willow Park Playground

The only downside to this playground other than the parking issue is that it gets very very busy.

If you want to have time to explore it when its relatively quiet you have to go during the week and in the morning.


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