Hammond Playground, Beauchamp Park, Chatswood

Hammond Playground in Beauchamp Park 

Last week we ventured to Hammond playground in Beauchamp park, Chatswood. I had driven past the park when I was lost the one day and made a mental note to take the children for a visit.  I’m really glad we went to play there.


Hammond Playground in Beauchamp Park

Beauchamp Park

Beauchamp Park is quite big itself. The Park includes:

  • The playground.
  • A sporting field used for dog training during the week.
  • I didn’t see it but apparently there is a rose garden.
  • A basketball court.
  • A spring garden which I believe is under restoration.


The point is, this is a big park so don’t just put them name in your GPS and hope to find the playground, you may not.

where is hammond playground, beauchamp park in chatswood

Where is Hammond Playground


The address I would use is Beauchamp Avenue or Nicholson Street, Chatswood as these are roads you can park on.  Alternatively, you can use Darling Street.


The only problem with Beauchamp Avenue, other than the fact that it is a one way, is that the development in the park. What this means is you have to walk to the end of Beauchamp to get into the playground via Darling.
hammond playground on sydney's north shore

Hammond Playground Features 

Hammond is a “Natural” playground like Hallstrom. Being a Natural Playground means that natural elements have been incorporated into the playground. There are rocks to climb, trees to run around, leaves to run through and different levels created by stones and earth.

Hammond Playground in Beauchamp Park, Chatswood

The major problem with this playground is that there are no enclosed areas. If you have wanderer you have to be very careful. While the playground is away from the road by some distance it is always a worry in the back of a mum’s mind.


The majority of the playground is covered in shade as a result of the tall trees. The trees are absolutely stunning in their own right.


There are plenty of things to play on

  • 2 Swing sets.
  • Massive sandpit which could fit a lot of children.
  • Double slide for siblings (slippery dip).
  • Row boat.
  • Climbing frame.
  • Those dangerous spinning things.
  • A long but low flying fox.

hammond playground on sydney's north shore

There are also some strange “sculptures”. The most prominent of the sculptures is a “Cowch” which is pretty funny and is highly entertaining to kids and their moms.  The cow shaped chair is next to a sculpted dog and pair of boots. We realized that you can step inside the boots which is lots of fun.
Hammond Playground in Beauchamp Park, Chatswood

Hammond Park Facilities


There are BBQ facilities, a number of picnic benches and open spaces to sit.




I was told that there are bathrooms by the basketball courts but there are none at the playground.


Access to the Playground

There are plenty of paved paths accessing the playground and throughout the playground so it is completely pram and wheelchair friendly. I suppose this also means that you could take a scooter or bicycle around the perimeter of the park but you would have to be careful of kids running around.


Picnic Areas

You could definitely make a proper visit out of this park by bringing a picnic lunch or tea helped by the fact that there is 2 hour parking around the playground with a few exception.



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