Livvi’s Place, Yamble Reserve, Ryde

Livvi’s Place Ryde

The best Playground in Sydney

Hands down, this may be the best playground I have taken the kids to. It even tops Wahroonga (review here) and Flying Fox in Mona Vale (click here for that review). I am not sure how I have never been here before – how has this flown under my radar!?


I am worried about sharing this with you because I don’t want it to get too busy 🙂

livvi's place ryde

Touched by Olivia

Developed by the City of Ryde in conjunction with the Touched by Olivia Foundation, it is amazing. I mention the Foundation because I will be following them closely – I want to check out the other places they’ve created. The playground is completely accessible to all types of kids and has taken a number of children’s needs into consideration.


Where is Livvi’s Place, Ryde

The address that appears everywhere on line is Yamble Reserve, Quarry Road, Ryde 2112. But the problem with this is that Quarry is quite a long wrong and a wrong turn and you will land up at the cemetery at the wrong end of the road.

I have included two maps below, the first indicates where the park is in Ryde in relation to other suburbs, the second shows you where the park is on Quarry Street.

where is livvi's place ryde
Travelling North-ish (it’s actually North North West I think) along Quarry you’ll find Yamble Reserve on the left. There is a loop road which you can park on, this is one of two parking options. The second parking area is on the other side of the Reserve, off Clermont Avenue (between Yamble Reserve and North-Ryde Community Pre-School Center).

where is livvi's place, ryde


Yamble Reserve

Livvi’s Place is within Yamble Reserve which is a more a garden than a reserve (in Australian terms). It’s complete with garden beds, big trees and walking paths. The Reserve is also beautifully maintained and even if the playground didn’t exist this would be a perfect place for a picnic or a BBQ. There are benches, shelters and toilets.


Livvi’s Place Features

The playground is unbelievable. It has a list of great features:

  • Two flying foxes one of which is a seat that the kids can sit in.
  • Various swings
  • A big sandpit with a water pump
  • Musical area, you step on the planks, hit the xylophone tubes or beat on steel drums.
  • Climbing ropes
  • Soft mounds to climb up and walk over
  • Slides
  • Walkways throughout the playground to ride your scooter on or push the pram around
  • A tunnel to crawl through or climb over

all inclusive playground - Livvi's place, ryde  Livvi's place, ryde

Livvi’s Place Facilities

The playground is also completely enclosed and covered in most parts by large awnings. The ground underneath the playground equipment is soft fall rubber flooring.


The entire playground is accessible if your child is in a wheelchair or a pram.
I absolutely love this playground so much so that we’re holding my son’s 4th birthday here.




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