being a working mom: the struggle of the juggle

Being a Working Mom – the struggle of the juggle

Being a Working Mom – the struggle of the juggle Parenting is hard work, no matter what your arrangement is. This post is specifically on being a working mom and what I’ve found to be my experience. I know I’m not alone in this, I come across other working moms who are struggling. This post […]

What to pack in your hospital bag, for baby and you. From a mom of two who is a little obsessed with being prepared!

What to pack in your hospital bag

What to pack in your hospital bag What you pack in your hospital bag may be a bit of a personal subject but someone reached out to me recently and asked so I thought I would put it all together in a post for her. If you find yourself wondering what to pack in your […]

Alice in Wonderland 

Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland has recently become one of my daughter’s favourite movies. I’m talking the original Alice in Wonderland, the 1951 cartoon movie. It was one of my favorites growing up so it’s really special to enjoy this with her. This is one of the great Disney classics.   As with any […]

Chinese New Year at Luna Park

Chinese New Year at Luna Park  We got to celebrate Chinese New Year at Luna Park this year. Take Luna Park fun, combined it with chinese music echoing through the Park, lanterns bobbing up above you an the thrill of displays and you’ve got an idea of how magical it was. We were invite by […]

Warriewood Rocket Playground 

Warriewood Rocket Playground  I had seen so many pictures of Warriewood Rocket Playground, so many. I’ve also read so many people talking about it in Facebook but I wasn’t sure whether it would meet expectations. Well, I am glad to say that I was wrong – Warriewood Rocket Playground is great! It lived up to […]

School lunch box ideas

School lunch box If you’re like me you’ve got no clue about what to put in a school lunch box. You don’t want your child to be the child with a lunch box full of crisps, biscuits and soggy food or the child who has to eat through a truck load of carrot sticks and […]

Clareville Beach

Clareville Beach Clareville Beach is like a harbour beach but on Pittwater. It’s up north near Avalon but tucked away and  really hidden. It’s a perfect little beach for families and a great one to visit when the wind is too strong for the other Northern Beaches.   The strip of Clareville Beach has 320m […]

Parenting Changes With Child Number Two

10 Surprising Ways Parenting Changes With Child If you’ve had a second baby you will know that there are some serious parenting changes with child number two. There are all sorts of mental, emotional and physical changes that happen to you that then change the way you approach baby number two. In amongst all of […]

Whale Beach, Sydney

Whale Beach  I have a friend who swears that Whale Beach is her favourite beach in Sydney. I can see why. It’s one of those long long beaches with sand for days and long shoreline. It’s quieter than the other big beaches so it’s really a nice space to be on a hot summer day. […]

Best Sydney Beaches for Kids

Best Sydney Beaches for Kids  The Best Sydney Beaches for Kids is a hard list to make because there are so many great beaches in Sydney. But, for a beach to be great for kids, it needs to: be shallow for a long way or enclosed have good sand to play on be sheltered from […]

Two kids versus one … the reality of parenting 2 children

Two Kids – the reality of having baby number 2 Are two kids easier than one? In some ways the answer is a definite yes, two kids are easier than one. Especially as they get older.  However, it isn’t easier straight from day one and it definitely isn’t all the time. When you have two […]

Sydney’s Best Playgrounds

Sydney’s Best Playgrounds  This is our list of Sydney’s Best Playgrounds. There are hundreds if not thousands of playgrounds in Sydney, lots of which are written about and to be honest aren’t that great. Staying at home with two young kids sends you out the house in search of entertainment most days of the week. […]