North Curl Curl Lagoon with kids

North Curl Curl Lagoon with kids

I didn’t realise that North Curl Curl Lagoon was such a good place to visit with kids. We live nearby and I had noticed a few people walking and cycling along the lagoon on the beach side but I didn’t realise it extended so far.

It’s not as pretty or extensive as Narabeen Lakes but the path is better for little kids to ride on and the playground is bigger.


Where is North Curl Curl Lagoon


Curl Curl itself is between Fershwater and Dee Why. The Lagoon sits at the top end of Curl Curl beach and east towards Brookvale.


There are plenty of access points to the parklands around the lagoon. The most popular point has to be where the North Curl Curl sports fields as but that is not where I would go.

Depending on what you want to do, I would park on one of the roads off Adam’s Street and then walk from there. We parked at the end of Travers Road but you could park at the end of Lalchere Street or Park Street. Griffin Road is one of the main roads running parallel to Curl Curl beach and it does allow parking but I wouldn’t want to have to get one of the kids out on the road if I could avoid it.



What’s at North Curl Curl Lagoon

There is the lagoon itself but its more a piece of scenery than a swimming lagoon. There is also a bike path that runs along the south side of the lagoon. Across the lagoon is a little wooden bridge which takes you to the playground in John Fisher Park.


The Lagoon

I wouldn’t accept a million bucks to swim in there. It’s great for seeing ducks though. There is a lovely lookout deck just alongside the playground in John Fisher Park.

If you are coming to North Curl Curl lagoon for the purposes of seeing the lagoon make sure you come at high tide! At low tide it’s a pit of mud.


The bike path

This for me is a great feature. The path isn’t marked like the fun paths available at Bightmore Reserve but the quality of the path is tops. For little kids learning to ride or still on blanace bikes or scooters, its perfect because:
– Its flat without any serious hills.
– there is grass on either side.
– the tar is completely flat so there aren’t any divets you have to worry about them nosediving over.
– Due to the trees surrounding the lagoon the area is cool and they should be shaded most of the way.


On the Friday morning we visited it was completely quiet and only a few people passed us.


north curl curl lagoon cycle path



The Playground

The John Fisher Park is between Denzil Joyce Oval and Alan Newton Reserve. This area is generally used by schools and clubs for sporting and exercise. Even during the week there will be sports classes from the neighbouring schools.

The playground has all the basics and is perfect for my adventurous 2 year old and 4 year old.

There are three slippy dips (slides). One is very cool is that it is a tall slide and has a bump half way. There are a whole lot of climbing nets and frames. There is also a single set that has a swing with back support and a normal swing.

The playground has a bit of shade but none of those big awnings. There are a few seats inside the playground and actual picnic tables and benches outside the fenced area.

This is a playground for particularly good for pre-schoolers who can climb as there are lots of ropes. One of the slippy dips (slides) is only reachable by a spiders net. The coolest slide is also only reached by crawling through a spider net tunnel high off the ground. My two year old only managed to do this with a lot of help and even with help still slipped.


north curl curl playground




For more playgrounds in the area consider the following:


Green Street Park Playground in Brookvale

Balmoral Beach Playground

Collaroy Beach Playground

Walter Gors Park and Playground in Dee Why


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