UP! A beautiful movie for the whole family 

I had forgotten how beautiful UP! is both in story and in creation. I’m really fussy about what my kids watch and this one is spot on. The story has it’s sad moments and happy beautiful moments. Visually, it’s bright and colourful.


I love UP! even though it makes me cry every time I watch it.


The characters are really well portrayed – the old man and the little boy are typical. The old man is grumpy and Russell,  reads slowly and doesn’t stop talking. He also seems to know a lot which appears to be the norm for little kids nowadays.


This review details the plot, any scary scenes and age appropriateness.



UP! is a great family movie.

The Plot

Carl, as a little boy, is an adventurer and in exploring his neighborhood meets a fellow adventurer, Ellie. Carl and Ellie both admire Charles Munz an adventurer is disappears in South America on the hunt for a mysterious bird.

Ellie and Carl become fast friends when Ellie shares her adventure book with Carl and makes him promise that he’ll take her to Paradise Falls. When the grow up they get married and have a beautiful life with Carl working at the zoo selling balloons and Ellie working in the South American section of the zoo. Their dream however remains going on an adventure to Paradise Falls in South America.
Warning: the first five minutes of the movie are really sad, for adults.

When Ellie passes away and Carl is made to go an old age home he decides to go on an adventure. He ties hundreds of balloons to his home and sets off for Paradise Falls in South America. Unbeknown to him, he has a stowaway on board, a little boy called Russel.

UP! Scary scenes

Poor Carl has his mailbox knocked and he grabs it from the man who knocked in over, in the process knocks the man on the head. Carl has to go to court and is deemed a public menace and made to go to an old age home.


When Russel spots some cumulonimbus clouds the house heads into a storm and for about a minute it’s a little scary.


There is also a bit of scariness after the storm when Carl cuts a few balloons to land the house and it hits the ground.

When trying to go to the Falls the dogs run up to them barking, about 2/3 through the movie Carl and Russel are surrounded by dogs and led into a dark cave which could be scary



I love UP! even though it makes me cry every time I watch it. This review details the plot, any scary scenes and age appropriateness.

Special Moments 

This movie has some seriously special moments. It’s one of the few, if not the only animated movie, that tops various lists of romantic movies and movies to make you cry.


The first fifteen minutes of the movie is a reflection of Carl and Ellie’s life. After you’re shown how they met you’re then taken on a montage of their life. It is so beautiful that I am in tears every time when it shows Ellie passing.


That tenderness isn’t lost in the movie. The relationship that develops between Carl and Russel is really special and the badge giving ceremony makes your heart swell.

Age appropriateness

Our five year old loves this story and the movie was just as colourful. Our almost 3 year old can follow the plot but isn’t as drawn to it as her brother is.


There isn’t any fowl language and while there are a few scary scenes they’re not awful and if you’re sitting with the kids I am sure even the toddlers will be okay.



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