The Bee Movie

The Bee Movie – One of our favourites 

The Bee movie completely surprised me, even when I read the description I thought it may go over my little ones’ heads or be too boring but I was wrong. The Bee Movie is great for little ones 3 and over.



In fact the Bee Movie moves at such a good pace that it is an excellent family movie. You don’t find yourself wondering when it’s going to end or getting that feeling that the story line is lagging. It really keeps a great pace. The Bee Movie also keeps you entertained throughout.


As with  lot of the more recent movies that are geared to the whole family you may find that some of it is geared at older children and adults – its not that the jokes or content is inappropriate – its that some of the speaking is too fast and the jokes require more intellect.


Good Principles 

Life lessons aren’t as frequent in this movie as they are in Snoopy & Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie but you do see the Bees working together and ultimately the main character learns about consequences of your actions.


The Bee Movie

Scary Scenes 

There is talk of death at the very beginning of the movie when the two key characters talk about the death of a fellow bee who dies as a result of stinging a squirrel. Further to that there are references to the death of other bees as a result of their dangerous jobs.


In this movie there are no monsters or “baddies” so it shouldn’t cause any sleepless nights. The only antagonist is a man (the boyfriend of the human the Bees befriend) who keeps trying to swat the bees. There is also no bad language that I noticed or any serious name calling or nastiness of that nature.


Age Suitability 

My 4 year old has been watching the movie since he was 3 and still loves it.

The movie is however too complex for my 2 year old to follow.

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