Mary Poppins 

Mary Poppins remains one of my favourites of all time.

My granny taped Mary Poppins for me when I was a little girl. My sisters and I would watch it whenever we visited her. That and “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend with Marilyn Monroe were our favourites. For me, there is something so magical about Mary Poppins.


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I wasn’t sure that this magic would translate into something my kids would understand. I finally found the original at a music store and, determined to show it to my kids despite the old graphics, length and outdated concepts, I bought it and brought it home.


For those who have never seen Mary Poppins it’s a musical tale of two children and their super ‘nanny’. Under the guidance of their nanny they go on the most wonderful adventures. Set in 1910 neither parent has any time for the children in the beginning of the movie. The mom in the movie is a suffragette out marching for women’s rights and the dad is a banker engrossed in the world of finance. The children spend most of their time away from the parents, with the nanny, a situation which Mary Poppins aims to resolve.

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Mary Poppins is a lovely story, the songs are captivating and the cross over between ‘live’ acting and animation is excellent given that the movie was made in the 1960s.


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Scary Scenes?


There are two potentially scary scenes in the movie which are right after each other – the first is when the bank owner and the senior bank officials try take  Michael’s (the little boy) pocket money. It’s a little scary as the rickety old men close in on him and his sister. Shortly after this the kids get lost in the streets of London and this is the second scary scene in the movie. Even then these aren’t scary enough to prevent you from watching this movie with your kids. I have seen much scarier scenes or concepts in popular Disney or Pixar movies.


The problem with most of these old school movies is that they are long in comparison to the animated movies of today. Mary Poppins comes in at a whopping 2 hours and 20 minutes so you will want to break it into 2 or 3 portions for your kids to watch over a few days.
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Both my 2 year old and 4 year old enjoyed Mary Poppins and have been trying to replicate some of the scenes and sing the songs. We will be watching it again, soon.



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  1. One of my favourites from childhood. Although it was a little outdated back then (mid 90s). I think it will go down as one of the classics that everyone needs to watch at some point. I think I’ll wait until my boy is 8 or 9 before I suggest it to him.

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