Nanny McPhee & The Big Bang

Nanny McPhee & The Big Bang

The Plot


Nanny McPhee appears on the scene, unsummoned but desperately needed.


This Nanny McPhee is set during World War 2 with 3 children living on a farm with their mom while their dad is away fighting.


The Farm family is then supplemented by the City cousins who are sent to the country for their safety.  The City children are quite spoilt and accustomed to a fancy life with sweets and indoor toilets. The Country Children are accustomed to mud and grime and working hard on the farm. Needless to say they do not get along with each other.

Struggling with looking after her own children, the City cousins, working at the local shop and maintaining the family farm while her husband is away – the mom is in a desperate situation. So arrives the children’s new nanny. 

Nanny McPhee’s 5 lessons

This was the first Nanny McPhee movie we had ever seen so did not know what to expect. We were not expecting a scary looking nanny with magical powers, that I can tell you for for sure.


In every Nanny McPhee movie there are 5 lessons to be learnt before she can leave.

  1. Stop fighting 
  2. To share nicely 
  3. To help each other 
  4. Be brave 
  5. Have faith 

Scary scenes? 

In the beginning just before Nanny McPhee arrives the weather turns dark – rain and wind, the lightening and the screaming children makes everything a bit scary. 

Nanny McPhee is also a little scary with hairy moles, a sqwank tooth that sticks out her mouth and a frizzy grey hair – Emma Thompson looks absolutely horrid. 

I loved this movie – I actually cried at the end, may have been because it was a long week and I was feeling sick but it was such a beautiful ending. 

Age Suitability 


My kids (2 and 4.5 years old) were interested in be movie from the very first scene – mouths gaping open wide. The opening scene is a mom shouting at her kids who are shouting at each other while she tries to clean the house before the cousins arrive.


It’s not animated by the scenes are beautifully bright and captivating. The movie moves quick enough to keep the kids interested but not too fast that they can’t keep up. 

The movie is definitely aimed at younger kids with none of those jokes that are too quick-witted to understand. 


Of the two Nanny McPhee Movies we have seen this was definitely our favourite.


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