Manly Lagoon Reserve Playground

Manly Lagoon Playground

Manly Lagoon Playground is a completely fenced playground with separate playing areas for different ages. There is parking alongside it and a lovely view of the lagoon.


It’s a nice playground to visit after a day at the beach, a ride along the lagoon or as an isolated outing. We happened to visit on our way to collect dad from the Manly Ferry. 


This review will help you work out whether it’s suitable for your kids, how to get there and what to expect.



Where is Manly Lagoon Playground




Manly Lagoon runs North East from the beach, past Manly Golf Course up to North Manly alongside Pittwater Road in the direction of Warringah Mall.  


The Manly Lagoon has a cycle path between Pittwater Road and Bridge Road. The Manly Lagoon Playground is at the far end of that path on the Beach Side.


The Reserve and Playground is actually in Queenscliff and the address is Cameron Avenue, Queenscliff.  





There is street parking along Cameron Avenue.



Manly Lagoon Playground Features



There are a couple of separate play areas all within the playground and they seem to be suited to different age groups with is a nice feature. In my eyes there are three separate areas aside from the swing sets and the rotunda in the middle. 



1.   An area right at the entrance for little people


This is a little play structure like a jungle gym but not. I know that’s not a great description and I apologise 🙂  It’s close to the ground for kids that are just learning to stand or walk. It has a little slide and some gadgets for kids to play on.  


2.  A jungle gym for the medium size people (2 years plus) and a climbing net


My 4 year old was off and away on the climbing net as soon as we arrived. My little one headed to this medium-size jungle gym.


This jungle gym has different platforms instead of stairs. It allows the little ones to stretch themselves just that little bit further to get up to the top of the structure. From there they can come back down the slide or just climb up and down the platforms forever.


There is also a little ledge they can use as a table to play with the sand in the area.  



3.  A jungle gym for bigger little people and some cool contraptions


This was the jungle gym my 4 year old loved. He climbed up it and run through it a couple of times. The reason I say this is for slightly older kids is because there are no stairs and you have to climb your way up. My two year old tried to get up but couldn’t do it by herself. 


In the same area as this playground is one of the coolest looking pieces of playground equipment I have ever seen. It looks like a drag car for kids, I would like to try get in it but I am not sure I could fit. Just beyond the drag car is a bouncy boat.


Beyond those three areas there are two sets of swings and covered rotunda for kids to run through.


Manly Lagoon Playground Facilities


There is lots of shade from the trees in the area and the sail covers over the playground.


Apparently there are toilets nearby but I am not sure where these are. If you do know, please can you let me know.



If you’re in Manly looking for other things to do, here is a list of the things we do.


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–  If you haven’t done the walk from Manly Beach to Shelly Beach, you really should, it’s amazing! Another great walk is the Fairfax Walk around North Head and it’s perfect for kids. 


–  Go for a swim and Manly, Shelly Beach or Little Manly





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