Sydney Coastal Walks with Kids - The Fairfax Walk in North Head

The Fairfax Walk, North Head Manly

Fairfax Walk on North Head, Manly – Get the Kids out the house in winter


Isn’t it great to live in a City where we can still spend time outdoors even though its winter. I am constantly surprised by how warm it can be in Sydney in Winter. It is magic!


This winter I want to get the kids walking. It is my mission to have them out the house and in the sunlight even though winter makes you want to lie in and stay warm.


The first of the walks we did was Middle Harbour Reserve to 40 Baskets Beach – that post will be up next week. I had to write about Fairfax first because I was just blown away by it. I am amazed that I had never done this before.


And best of all, it is completely child friendly!

The Fairfax Walk, North Head Manly


Where and What is North Head



First up where is the walk and what is North Head? So, Sydney has two heads that lie on either side of the waterway entrance to the City. They are the bulky headlands that you pass as you cross over from the Manly to the City or Manly to Watsons Bay by Ferry.


North Head is over on the Manly side and South Head is on the Watsons Bay side.  


Where is The Fairfax Walk, North Head Manly



Where is the Fairfax Walk




The Fairfax Walk is a loop that takes you round the very edge of North Head.


You’ll find it at the very end of North Head Scenic Drive which is the road you follow as you come into the National Park.


Put North Head Scenic Drive into your GPS and just keep going until you hit the end of the road. If your GPS is not picking up North Head Scenic Drive then try Darley Road in Manly. Darley Road splits into two as you enter the Park – North Head Scenic Road is the right arm.




There are three parking areas towards the end of the North Head Scenic Road. Two of them are close to the restaurant in North Head the third is the one you want to aim for.


At the very very end of the road you’ll find a car park that has lots of parking spaces. This is the parking area you want to be in as the walk starts just there.


North Head Walk with Kids


What is the Fairfax Walk and why is it so great


As I said above, the Fairfax Walk takes you right around the edge of North Head.

The Fairfax Walk, North Head Manly

1. The views


This means you get views of the ocean, the harbour, south head and Watsons Bay, Manly, Mosman and the City in the distance. The views alone are worth the walk.


There are three lookout points but during July 2017 these are closed due to the rocks and cliff edges being unstable. While this isn’t ideal for the adults in the group who wanted to have a look and take some pictures it is not the end of the world as you can still get some magnificent views standing a bit further back from the ledge.


2. The walk itself


The walkway is all paved. It is beautifully tarred the whole way so it’s safe for little ones to run or scoot along. It a really perfect place to have a family walk.


There are a few stairs on the walk which take you up to Fairfax Lookout but you can go around this on a ramp.


The walk itself is not long but just long enough to feel like it’s been worth the drive.

The Fairfax Walk, North Head Manly

The best time to do the Fairfax Walk


I am not sure the walk would be pleasant in Summer but I do intend finding out. It must be sweltering up there unless you visit early morning or late afternoon.


The best time to visit has to be in the winter months when the Whales are migrating because with those views you may just spot a few.


Over 200 whales migrate past Sydney every year. Whale migration is best between June and July and August and October.   


The Fairfax Walk, North Head Manly

Parking and Entry


North Head is a National Park but you don’t have to pay to enter, you just have to pay $5 to park.



Eating There


We took a picnic but didn’t find a spot we really liked to picnic so we headed back in to Manly and had a picnic at Little Manly Point.


If you’re doing this visit unprepared there is a restaurant in the Reserve where you can sit and eat looking out over the reserve and the water.


Connecting to Other Walks


If you’re not visiting with little ones and you’re looking to do a bit more walking you can continue back past the restaurant and take the Bluefish track to Shelley Beach. Or you can head back through the Park towards Manly and join up with the Manly Scenic Walkway. 



Looking for other things to do with kids in Manly? 


If its a gorgeous day you can head for Little Manly or Shelly Beach

Hungry and keen for a burger in a kid family restaurant? Then you should try Moo Gourmet Burgers. 

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