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Dee Why Coastal Walk – along the cliffs with Kids

Dee Why Coastal Walk – along the cliffs with Kids

The Dee Why Coastal Walk is beautiful. It’s really unassuming, almost hidden. It’s just a lovely nature walk. 

My husband discovered the Dee Why Coastal Walk when out running one day. He then bravely took the kids for a walk, by himself. Upon seeing the pictures I demanded that I be taken on this secret walk. It’s taken us forever to go visit, either as a result of the wind, the rain or having alternate plans. Then one weekend in early August everything aligned I got to go on the walk. 

I was so excited! The walk was good, a little harder than I expected but it was good. The walk is a tad hard to find but I will get to this in the post. It also isn’t suited to little kids but I will get to as well.


 Sydney Coastal Walk - Dee Why Cliff Walk with Kids

Where is the Dee Why Coastal Walk 



The Dee Why Coastal Walk runs from Dee Why to North Curl Curl along the cliffs that sit above the ocean. The walk is in the Dee Why Cliff Reserve. The Dee Why start is at the end of Pacific Parade and the North Curl Curl start is at the end of Molong Street. 


Dee Why and Curl Curl are two beach suburbs north of Manly. 



Where to start the walk


You can either start the walk from Dee Why (the North end) or you can start the walk at the South End in North Curl Curl.

It doesn’t really matter which way you start but it may be nice to end in Dee Why so that you can grab a drink after.


Where to park

On the Dee Why side there is a public parking lot. You will find it at the end of Pacific Parade and Oaks Avenue. The car park runs parallel to the ocean and Monash Parade. 

If you want to start on the North Curl Curl side drive to Molong Street where you will find on-street parking. 


Dee Why Cliff Walk - Sydney Coastal Walks with kids


Features of the Dee Why Coastal Walk




The views overlooking the ocean are magnificent. You look straight out to sea.

Looking North you see Dee Why Beach first, or if you’re on the Dee Why end of the walk, the Dee Why pools. As you walk further away from Dee Why you begin to see more of the Northern Beaches – you can spot the Dee Why Lagoon, the Collaroy headland and eventually all the headlands that make up Avalon, Newport and Palm Beach.

Towards the North Curl Curl end of the walk you begin to see out to Manly and North Head. 

It’s really spectacular, especially if you know the area but didn’t know about the walk.


Closeness to the Cliffs

Despite the close proximity to the cliffs you don’t get the feeling of it being unstable or unsecured. There is plenty of vegetation and rocks that lie between the path and the cliff edge. Where there is nothing, rails have been constructed.


Dog Friendly 

The walk is also completely dog friendly with tons of dogs and their owners out on the walk over the weekend. Cats are prohibited though 🙂 I’m not even joking. There is a sign on the North Curl Curl end of the walk that says “Cats Prohibited”. I read it twice to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.


Dee Why Cliff Walk - Coastal Walks with Kids


Age suitability of the Dee Why Coastal Walk


The walk is not suited to little kids.  My two year old managed but had to be carried a lot of the way.

My son who is almost 5 managed it but did have to go down some of the rocky steps on his bottom.

This walk is definitely suited to older kids, 5 years and up.


Sydney Coastal Walks with Kids - Dee Why Cliff Walk


Dee Why Coastal Walk Facilities


There aren’t toilets along the walk. The closest toilets would be the bathrooms at the Dee Why Swimming Pools.


The shade cover isn’t great so make sure you’re wearing a hat even in winter and got some drinking water with you.


There are a few benches to sit on at either end of the walk, either at Tea Tree Lookout or Dee Why Cliff Reserves, but nothing in between. If you want a rest on the Dee Why Coastal Walk you’ll have to chose a comfy looking rock.




What’s close by?


Dee Why is packed with great family activities. From the beach playground to the James Meehan playground near the lagoon and the family friendly restaurants and the beach itself you’ll have plenty to choose from.


If you’re looking for some recommendations just get hold of me and I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.



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