Livvi’s Place Five Dock 

Livvi’s Place in Five Dock

Livvi’s Place Five Dock is the second Livvi’s Place playground I have visited – I just love finding these playgrounds.


I love Livvi’s Place, Ryde so when I saw on a mom’s group that there was another in Five Dock I had to go check it out. Livvi’s Place, Five Dock did not disappoint – it lived up to my expectations and had a little kiosk where I could get my coffee.


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Where is Livvi’s Place Five Dock


Livvi’s Place, Five Dock is located next door to a massive piece of park. It is set within Timbrell Park almost along Iron Cove Creek.


The official address is 19 Henley Marine Drive, Five Dock, 2046.


There is street parking all along the Henley Marine Drive but if you can’t find a spot there you can also try Connecticut Avenue which is closer than it looks on the map above. You may have to walk a bit to get to the playground so maybe take the pram, regardless of how far along you walk on Henley Marine Drive, the walk isn’t that bad because it is flat and pram-friendly.


What is  Livvi’s Place Playground


The concept behind Livvi’s Place playgrounds is that playgrounds are all-inclusive and available to every child regardless of physical ability or age. The amazing organization behind Livvi’s Place playgrounds is the Touched by Olivia Foundation.


The Touched By Olivia Foundation aims to improve the life of families through giving children the opportunity to play.

Livvi’s Place Five Dock Features


Livvi’s Place, Five Dock has lots of different areas where the kids can play. The whole area is fenced so you don’t have to worry about little escapees making a break for the road. I can’t remember all the structures available to play on at Livvi’s Place, Five Dock, but here is my list:

  • Water play table in front of a sandy area.
  • Very low draw-bridge for little kids (part of the snakes and ladders walk).
  • Small spider net for little kids (it’s so small and compact you may miss it – it’s perfect for very little kids just learning to climb).
  • There is a large sandpit separate.
  • Throughout the playground the ground is flat and suitable for scooters, bikes and prams.
  • Spider-net tunnels going up the soft-sprung hill.
  • Modified tandem stampede riders.
  • Squeaky tyres to play on.
  • A chime piano (the long hanging cylinders that resonate different musical notes).
  • an area for little kids to swing and climb.
  • a netted frame for bigger kids to climb.
  • swings for bigger kids to play on.
  •  a fat slide coming down a hill.
  •  netted tunnels to climb up.


Livvi's Place Five Dock


The highlight of the playground has to be the automated roundabout. Set out in the middle of the playground you can’t miss it. It’s incredible.
As with child-proof medicine bottles that I can never open, it took me ages to work out how the roundabout works. I’m going to break it down for you in case you find yourself stuck.


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Instructions to work the automated roundabout

  1. Put child on roundabout and make sure they sit / stand still.
  2. Choose the speed at which you want the roundabout to turn by moving the lever left or right. I would start with slow because it goes pretty fast even on slow mode.
  3. Press the button and watch the clock count down above you (it’s the board that looks like a TV – see picture above).
  4. Hold the button down for a long 5 seconds (it feels way longer than 5 seconds).
  5. At any time you can press the red button to stop the roundabout.

The timer on the screen will tell you how long is left of the ride.


Livvi’s Place Five Dock Facilities


In addition to the amazing play structures at Livvi’s Place, Five Dock you will also find:

  • large portions of the playground are under shade cover
  • open spaces for picnics
  • picnic tables and seating dotted around the playground
  • BBQ facilities
  • bathrooms

The cafe is Livvi’s Place Cafe and it’s more a kiosk than anything. You can get a coffee, ice cream, toast with a spread and maybe a muffin. All profits from the Cafe go back into the Touched By Olivia Foundation*.


Livvi's Place Five Dock



Livvi’s Place, Five Dock has been open since November 2009 and it seems that there has been a bit of fair wear and tear as a result of the length of time it’s been open. When we visited the Flying Fox wasn’t operational and one of the slides had lost its stairs but there is plenty else to keep your children’s attention for a few hours at least.


* The Touched by Olivia Foundation was the result of John and Justine Perkin’s loss, their 8 month old daughter Olivia. Olivia lost her life as a result of a rare illness.



If you’re in the area and need to shop you should consider  Birkenhead Point in Drummoyne which has awesome outlet shopping. 

If these gorgeous Livvi’s Place playgrounds are right up your alley you’ll really like Livvi’s Place, Ryde 

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