A Letter to My Mom – from Paul Jacobson 

A Letter to My Mom by Paul Jacobson 

Dear Mom

I don’t think I had any real appreciation of what it must have been like for you to become my Mom when you were barely an adult yourself when your son arrived. You still had to figure out how to be a parent as you and Dad were learning how to be grown-ups. Wow!

I didn’t quite realise how much you worried about me when I was young, lonely and struggling with challenges I couldn’t express or even remember in later years.


“You were barely an adult yourself when your son arrived”


Now when I watch our children face their challenges, I have an inkling of what you must have gone through: the desperate wish to make it all better; the knowledge that you couldn’t; the understanding that I had to face my fears and the hope that I could grow through them, not be crushed by them.


You and Dad taught me so much about being a better person and a good parent. When I succeed it is because of the lessons you shared with me. When I fail (and I do, almost daily), I hope I share the lessons I learn with my children so they can surpass both of us.


Along the way, many of the little things you shared became sources of lifelong joy for me, including:


Fleetwood Mac (I remember listening to Tango in the Night in the back of your car as you drove me to a friend); and


1930s Superman cartoons which are hopelessly dated and which remind me of days when I was home sick and you took care of me.


“I didn’t appreciate most of what you did for me when I was growing up”


It was only when I became a parent that I realized that we’re really just making this stuff up as we go. I didn’t appreciate most of what you did for me when I was growing up but now that I have two beautiful children of my own, it is all starting to come back to me and we are so much better off for having you in our lives.


Love you




More about Paul Jacobson


Paul Jacobson is a writer and photographer. He is also husband to a very patient wife and proud Dad to two wonderful children. He and his family live in Israel. You can find more of his writings on his blog and connect with him on Twitter.


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