A LETTER TO MY MOM by David Kobler 

A Letter to My Mom by David Kobler 

Hey Mum,

Wanted to write a quick letter to say thanks for sacrificing so much for me. All the school pick ups and drop offs. The healthy lunches you always packed even when I would constantly complain. The endless nights you would come and sit on my bed and listen to me tell you how it felt like my world was falling apart, I can see now it really wasn’t. Thanks for still loving me even after I crashed your car 3 days after crashing my own. 


Injury after injury, broken bone after broken bone, you would always be by my side and although I know all the crazy sports I did scared you, you didn’t take them away from me. I seriously don’t know how you put up with me, but you did and I’m so grateful.


Now that I am a parent I certainly have a greater understanding of how much you did for me, and I’m sorry I took so much for granted. 


I always knew you were a great mum but looking back I didn’t tell you that enough. 


You were kind when I was rude, you were calm when I was angry, you were gracious when I made mistakes. 


One of the things I am most grateful for is your prayers. As a teenager I was very aware that you prayed for me every day; for my protection, for me to have faith in Jesus, for me to grow into a man that would live for others. Thank you for exampling the power of prayer to me. 

Thank you for exampling qualities and traits like love, commitment, honesty, faithfulness, empathy, and generosity.

As my kids grow up I hope that I can model these traits to them as you have done for me.

I am so proud to call you my Mum, love you to bits xoxo


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David Kobler is a director of Protect our Kids an Australian company specialising in securing families’ internet access. The service is to assist parents who are worried about what their child could be exposed to online. David is also on twitter  and blogs for Protect our Kids which you can find on the Protect our Kids website or in using this link.


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