A LETTER TO MY MOM – From the Unexpected Dad

A letter from the Unexpected Dad


Dear Mom,

I rarely say it, or maybe I really haven’t said it much at all, but thank you for everything that you did for the family while I was growing up. With very few exceptions, memories of my childhood are very positive and happy; there is very little that I would have wanted to be different.

My earliest memories are of you taking care of me and having fun with your kids. You always went out of your way to make holidays and birthdays special and when I think about those times it makes me very happy. Now as a parent myself, I can really appreciate all the work that went into caring for a family of our size. When I was a child I took all that for granted, now I don’t.

Anyway, this letter is turning out to be mushier than I originally thought it would be, but that’s ok. One thing I need to be better about keeping in touch and I would like to head up there for a visit sometime. I think our little one may be able to tolerate a longer drive at this point, although there is sure to be some crankiness along the way.

Speaking of the little one, here is a quick little update:
She is actually speaking in complete sentences and can almost count to ten on her own. She knows the ABC song (well…kind of) if we sing along with her. She takes after her daddy and loves pizza and cookies.

Actually, there is too much to go over in this short letter. I’ll just give you a call this weekend!



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