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Plonk! Right on the Water at Spit Bridge Mosman

I’ve heard people talking about Plonk! on countless occasions. I have also seen Plonk! Mosman featured on a number of lists detailing places to eat out with kids in Sydney but I have always been sceptical. This summer we finally got to try Plonk! for ourselves.


With the summer in full swing and the long school holidays about to start a group of girls and I needed somewhere to meet up for breakfast where we could keep the kids entertained for ten minutes at least. Half way between us all turned out to be Plonk!


Where is Plonk! Mosman  

Plonk is just under the Spit Bridge, and that is why I was sceptical. What restaurant could be successful under a bridge? Well Plonk! proved me wrong and showed me why it was included on all the lists I’ve read.

plonk! mosman


How to get there and park

I’ve driven past Plonk! Mosman a million times so I knew that there is parking on either side of the bridge on the South end but I just wasn’t sure how it was going to work logistically. If you’re coming from the Mosman side of the Spit it will be easiest for you to park at The Spit Reserve (there is a set of traffic lights as you come down the hill which you just turn left at). The parking lot on the left has quite a few spaces it is just a bit of walk to Plonk! so definitely take the pram.



how  to get to Plonk! Mosman


If you’re coming from the Manly side of the spit (like we were) it would have been better to have parked on the Parriwi Park side of the bridge (the side Plonk! is on and the side that faces Clontarf). As you come down the hill you want to slow down because as soon as you see a parking grab it before the cars pile up behind you.



Plonk! Mosman

Plonk! Mosman Features and Food

Plonk! prides itself on its proximity to the water but this was cause for another one of my concerns. With so many matches and boats I was worried that the water would be polluted and make the sad black with oil but I was pleasantly surprised. The water was just fine for the kids to play in.


There is no designated kids breakfast menu but the waiter did tell us that they were accustomed to making kids meals. The kids were offered a variety of eggs and bacon but I chose to just order of the adults menu for them. There is a kids menu for dinner and lunch as it appears from their website which says that chicken nuggets, fish and chips or spaghetti is available for $14.


The food was good, as was the coffee, our waiter was lovely but the service was a little slow. Okay a lot slow and I think it was one of our more expensive meals out – I dont understand this because the most expensive item on the Weekend Breakfast Menu is the Salmon Eggs Benedict which cost $22. The menus can be accessed on the Plonk! website.


Plonk! Features

You walk into Plonk! and right away you’re surprised by the size, I had no idea it would feel so spacious. Plonk! opens up onto a small little bit of beach and the water. You could probably see Clontarf Reserve past the yachts and boats if you’re sitting in the right spot and facing the right direction.


We were offered a great table inside but with a decent view of the “beach” while there was a row of tables closer to the beach these were on the deck so they weren’t as shady. Before the high chairs could even arrive my son had whipped off his shoes and made a beeline for the water.


SIDE BAR: After this review I tried to visit a Plonk! with a group of friends – 10 people and was told we were only allowed to order off a Set Menu. Further to this, our reservation was then cancelled the day before by Plonk! without notice. 


Plonk! is open Monday to Sunday for Breakfast (8am to 11am) and Lunch (12pm to 3pm). Dinner is only available from Wednesday to Saturday from 6pm onwards.


All in all Plonk! is a lovely place to visit, right on the water and it allows you to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner while your kids keep themselves entertained on the “beach”.


If you’re keen to go to a beach in the area there is Chinamans Reserve or Balmoral or just across the water you’ll find Clontarf Reserve.


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