Lionel Watts Playground in Frenchs Forest

Lionel Watts Playground


I love it when I find a great playground by accident and the Lionel Watts Playground was just that. In the middle of Frenchs Forest quite close to the Glen Street Library I found an awesome spot that seems to be a hidden gem. 


Both times we have visited it has been really quite with just three or four other families. 

I really love this playground enough to head over from the Northern Beaches and combine it with a visit to the gorgeous Glen Street Library. 


Where is the Lionel Watts Playground




I’m not sure if I would classify this area as Frenchs Forest, Belrose or Glenrose. 


The official address of Lionel Watts Playground is Lionel Watts Park, Blackbutts Road, Frenchs Forest, 2086. But that is quite a long road. The playground is between Pringle Avenue and Lockwood Avenue.


If you hit the big square with the Glen Street Theater and Glen Street Library – you have gone too far.




There is off street parking on both sides of the playground. If you pull off Blackbutts Road on either of the playground, you can park either alongside the showgrounds or the big playing fields. 


Lionel Watts Playground Features



The playground has a natural feel to it as there is a lot of tall grasses and trees. There are also walkways through the grasses and rocks and tree stumps and roots to climb over or on. 

I reckon that Lionel Watts Playground is best suited to 0 to 5 year olds. 


There are two main play areas which are on either side of the small playground. One is for smaller kids an the other is for bigger small kids. 


The play area for the littlies. 

This area is covered in wood chips. It has a climbing structure with a slide, one of those twisty things and a cubby house. My daughter loves hiding in their and pretending it’s her house or shop. 

Just be careful with the slide – although it is short it can be quite steep and in the summer it can get hot. Just hold on to your little one the first time they go down. 


The main structure 

The main structure to climb is suited to kids who are stable on their feet as the steps to get up are a little higher off the ground. The only other way to get up is a warped climbing wall.


There is a slide and a little lookout area. The kids can run in and out of the structure.


What else? 

Aside from that there are also two sets of swings, each close to one of the climbing structures. There are also two rockets closer to the bigger climbing structure.  

There are two bridges for the kids to walk over, one of which is brightly coloured bridge on either side. I don’t know what is so appealing because the bridge doesn’t go over anything but my little one loves running over them again and again. 


Lionel Watts Park Playground Facilities


There are bathrooms close by in the community center. A family bathroom and disabled bathroom which is open from 7am to 6pm is available just east of the playground. 


The whole area is flat and very pram friendly. The kids could even take their scooters or bikes to ride round and round. 


There are picnic tables and seating and even two BBQs set up. This playground does seem to be a favourite party venue as there always seems to be an errant balloon in the trees on the days we visit. This could mean that the weekends aren’t a great time to visit so maybe visit during the week. 



Best of all the whole playground is completely enclosed so little escapees won’t have anywhere to escape to. 

What’s Nearby?


The playground is alongside a Dog Park and playing fields. My kids were very excited to see all the dogs running around – must come from not having enough space for a dog themselves.


A bit further down Blackbutts Road is Glen Street Library and Theater. There is a lovely cafe in that center where you can get a great coffee and a Nudie Juice for the kids. Their muffins also look really good. 

If you’re after something more substantial to eat then head across the road from the Theater and Library to the fancy shopping center. The Center has a new Aldi, Woolworths and some nice looking restaurants. 



If you’re looking for other great North Shore Playgrounds, here is a list of a few of my favourites. 



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St Ives Wildflower Garden Playground

Greengate Park, Killara

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 Balmaringa Reserve, South Turramurra

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