I’d rather be a child in the back than an adult in the front … 

I would rather be a child in the back of the car

The humour in Road Trippin’ with Kids


We recently took a trip up the East Coast of Australia (Sydney to Coffs Harbour and then back to Port Macquarie), not a long trip but long enough to re-think driving anywhere with two little kids.


Let’s just say, I would much rather be a child in the back than an adult in the front on road trips …



  1. You never really know how far is left to go. You can just keep asking ‘are we there yet’ without any guilt.

  2. There is an array of food and beverages available to you. All it requires is a moan or the threat of tears.

  3. If anything takes up your precious leg room, which is unlikely, just kick at it until it gets moved.

  4. Sleep is encouraged even applauded.

  5. If you’re really lucky you can be lifted out of your bed, still warm and asleep and put in the car. Still wearing your pjs.

  6. You get your own seat. No one is vying to fill your seat with those odds and ends that never fit in the suitcase.

  7. Your music always takes priority.

  8. Every iPad, phone, DVD player can be at your disposal should it be available. You don’t even have to charged it yourself.

  9. Watching the same movie or listening to the same cd on repeat does not get old.

  10. For some inexplicable reason games like ‘I spy’ remain fun. Even though you don’t understand the rules or grasp the concept.

  11. Horses, cows, trucks, trains and road building equipment are worth getting excited over.

  12. Fast food pit stops are a highlight.

  13. You are oblivious to how annoying shouting in the car is.

Being an adult


It’s so much better when you don’t have to be the one trying to plan or failing to plan.


Imagine you could just get put in the car and have everything laid out for you, I suppose they have become accustomed to this lifestyle though 🙂


Wow, the transition into adulthood isn’t for the faint of heart – all that responsibility, all those decisions and consequences.

children in the back of the car

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