Coffs Harbour, New South Wales Australia 

Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour sits about 530kms North of Sydney and 400 South of Brisbane. It’s a small coastal city with a few things to see and do and a number of places to stay that cater to families.

Discovering Australia

Being new to Australia and Sydney we are keen on getting to know the country we live in starting with New South Wales, the State Sydney is located in.


After looking at a map we decided Coffs Harbour was the furtherst North we could venture. After all we would have two kids and grandparents in tow.
Our previous family holiday had been to Falls Creek, Victoria to show the kids snow so we were keen for a beach holiday this time around.


coffs harbour whats in it

Where is Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour is a seaside City in North New South Wales on the East Coast of Australia. It is one of the Cities and towns you come across on the Pacific Highway. Pacific Highway is the road that runs from Sydney to Brisbane.


where is coffs harbour


What’s Coffs Harbour got

The City is small but has:

  • an airport,
  • a hospital (hopefully it won’t be necessary ever),
  • train station,
  • a shopping centre or two
  • plenty of restaurants, cafes and place to stay.


According to The Coffs Coast Website there are 101 things to do in the Coffs Coast area. You can even download an app which keeps you updated on the various activities as they receive more votes.


Top Attractions 


According to the website the following are the top ten things to see at the moment:

  1. The Big Banana (you can’t go and not have a photo in front of it or partake in one of the many activities)
  2. Waterfalls (we didn’t get to any)
  3. Tobogganing at the Big Banana (it was nerve racking but fun).
  4. Dorrigo Skywalk (would have loved to do this!)
  5. Mini Golf (at the Big Banana)
  6. Visit a lookout
  7. Butterfly House (I was desperate to do this but it turns out my husband is petrified of butterflies)
  8. Ice Skating (also at the Big Banana)
  9. Take a Harley tour
  10. See some Candy Making


The app also has some vouchers on it and details of accommodation and restaurants so it’s worth checking out.


I would definitely go visit

  1. The Jetty or Muttonbird Island
  2. One of the beaches
  3. The clog barn’s miniature Dutch village


What we did in Coffs Harbour


Ate out with the kids at Greenhouse Tavern

walked the Jetty

visited Clog Barn (my favourite)

ate and shopped at the Harbourside Markets

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