Men are so difficult to buy for. Probably because they never tell you what they want. They may make suggestions but those are always ridiculous. Here is a guide of gifts for men that you may not have thought of yourself.


These gifts are not completely wacky but they are hopefully things you have not thought of yourself and already discredited.


I really hope you find something here. If you do – please let me know. It always makes me happy to know that I’ve actually helped someone.


The List of Gifts for Men

You’ll see there are quite a few books on here. I would apologise but books are great gifts because people don’t buy them for themselves anymore.

  1. A ticket to a sports game.

  2. Car care kit

  3. Burning the days by James Salter

  4. Smart remote that controls the whole entertainment system It’s currently sold out on Amazon but have a look so you know how awesome it is.

  5. A swiss army knife

  6. City on Fire by Garth Risk Hallberg

    Great Gifts for Men

  7. Beard Trimmer

  8. Craft beer subscription or wine club membership

  9. X box live membership

  10. A fitbit or Apple Watch. Both have brought out their newer updated versions.  I have an Apple Watch and I just love it. I can see my husband looking at it with envy. 

  11. The Fight by Norman Mailer

  12. Aftershave

  13. Quality cap

  14. Meat by Pat Lafrieda

  15. A brief history of Seven Killings by Marlon James  40 Gifts for Men

  16. Funky portable keyboard and mouse

  17. DVD of his favourite series

  18. A GoPro

  19. Smart or sentimental Cufflinks. I found all of these on Etsy  unusual cufflinks a great gift for the man in your life

  20. Slippers

  21. A great leather wallet. Just make sure you know whether he likes brown or black.

  22. Cordless tools

  23. So you’ve been publicly shamed Jon Ronson

  24. Good quality high voltage torch

  25. A great leather belt (black and boring for work or brown and rugged for casual).

  26. Wacky socks (socks just have to make the Christmas list). All of the below are from Happy Socks.  happy socks make great gifts for men

  27. An Xbox or playstation

  28. Northface Etip Gloves

  29. The Hungover Trilogy on DVD or Blu-ray

  30. All the Light we cannot see Anthony Doerr

  31. Personalised coasters (photographer or engraved wooden or sandblasted glass options are all available)

  32. Thinking about it only makes it worse by David Mitchell  David Mitchell is hilarious. Great gifts for men

  33. Magazine Subscription (TIME, MensHealth or GQ)

  34. Clothes (board shorts, fancy shirt, new jeans)

  35. A tool cabinet

  36. New shaver / razor

  37. Small discovery Drone with camera and wifi – I found this one on Amazon  

  38. Gift voucher to the local Hardware Store or the biggest hardware store chain (Australia’s Bunnings, South Africa’s Builders Warehouse or USA’s Home Depot).

  39. Noise cancelling headphones.

  40. iPhone cover or case (there is a smart looking one that has a battery in it and its still smart). Have a look at it on the Apple site. My husband just bought himself one after giving up on waiting for me.


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