7 gifts for coffee lovers 

7 Great Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Coffee Lovers

There are so many gorgeous coffee cups on offer but a true coffee lover would have very specific ideas on what makes a perfect coffee cup and they probably have a few so rather check out these options…


1. A unique bag of beans

A tasteful bag of beans or some interesting capsules will never go amiss. Nespresso occasionally brings out some limited flavours which are cool to try or little coffee shops have their own house brews which are a great idea if you know the gift-receiver loves that place.


2. A Zoku Ice Coffee Maker

All you do is store part of the travel coffee cup in the freezer and pour in your coffee of choice.  You can buy it from ZokuHome directly or from various stores.


zoku for coffee lovers


3. Coffee Body Scrub

I love the look of this coffee body scrub from C Lab & Co. I’ve heard about how good it is for your body and I’m definitely going to seek it out. I’m going to get some next time I shop at Amcal.

Coffee Scrub for Coffee Lovers


4. A Coffee Plant

How much fun would growing a coffee plant be (if you weren’t like me who is able to kill the easiest of house plants). I found this on Not On the High Street an awesome UK shop.


coffee lovers can grow their own coffee plant

5. A Quality Coffee Travel Mug.  

Travel mugs are a dime a dozen but it’s hard to find a really good one. I’ve had winners with the stainless steel ones from Starbucks. It goes without saying that you want one that the following features are necessary because of the ‘travel’ aspect of a ‘travel’ mug: a) doesn’t spill b) is easy to hold c) can fit in a car cup holder d) isn’t easily breakable e) doesn’t get too hot so it can be carried from the house to wherever you’re going.


6. A coffee scented candle.

Who does not love the smell of coffee. For a coffee lover this may be the ultimate high. I’ve seen a few online at Etsy (pictures below) but I haven’t smelt them myself.


Great gifts for coffee lovers

7. The MiniPresso

For Nespresso lovers who constantly need a fix there is the very cool looking MiniPresso. The MiniPresso is a hand powered portable espresso machine. How unreliably cool is that!


7 gifts for coffee lovers

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