Tree House Play Center, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

The Tree House, PE

While compiling a post on what to do in PE and surrounds with kids I came across Tree House Kids Fun Centre. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I thought it was maybe just a jungle gym in the Bloomingdales Nursery. What I found was a lovely little play space perfect for pre-schoolers and toddlers.


tree house play centre for kids


Relationship between The Tree House and The Joneses


After arranging to have lunch at The Joneses I discovered The Joneses was literally a bridge walk away from The Tree House Kids Fun Centre! The Joneses coupled with the Tree House Kids Fun Centre turned out to be a fantastic outing.


This post is about Tree House Kids Fun Centre but if you’re looking to combine play and eat then be sure to look at The Joneses review which was published last week.


Currently there is a special running between the two establishments – your children can play for free your children can play for free at Tree House Kids Fun Centre if you are eating at The Joneses. The special as I was told is running until 8 January 2017. I would be sure to take advantage of this special.


Where is the Tree House


Both The Joneses and Tree House Kids Fun Centre are in the Bloomingdales Complex which is situate at Bloomingdales Lifestyle Village, 145 Walmer Main Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth.


There is parking outside the front of the centre but not a lot so I can imagine that on busy busy days – weekends and during holidays – there may be a bit of a wait for parking.


If you park outside the front and enter through the main door (not the main bloomingdales door but the lifestyle village) you walk straight in until you reach The Joneses and the turn right. It was sign posted when we were there so you shouldn’t get lost.


Tree House Features


The Play Centre is mostly indoors which is great for rainy days.

It features a massive tree house built into the space. The kids can climb up into the wooden structure and:

  • walk along a bridge,
  • play with toys in one of the tree house spaces inside the structure,
  • slide,
  • play in the ball pit, or
  • just sit underneath it and taken it all in.


In the same area is a foosball table and a track you could run cars around.

The Tree House in PE

Aside from the tree house there is a separate area for little kids with:

  • a few toys to play with;
  • two little bikes to ride;
  • a small plastic swing set; and
  • small plastic slide and see-saw.

the tree house play area in PE


Beyond the tree house and the small kiddies play area is a creative space with little work stations set up with activities for your kids. There is a colouring in table, a play doh station, puzzles and a long painting table.

the treehouse in PE

There is a small outside deck which has a little table, a plastic blow up pool and gazebo but I’m not sure what the gazebo is all about but it was raining so I wasn’t going to check it out.


the treehouse in pe


Tree House Facilities


There is a bathroom in the centre, just behind the reception area and thankfully it has a baby changing station.


If you’re keen to eat something but want to stay within very close proximity to the kids then you can sit inside the play centre entrance and order from The Joneses. Alternatively you can eat at The Joneses outside on the deck and watch the kids from across the Koi Pond.



If you don’t catch the special or are visiting without intending to eat at The Joneses then you are will pay (as at December 2016):

  • R25 for one hour
  • R40 for one to two hours
  • R50 for 2 hours plus


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