The Lodge, Lane Cove 

The Lodge

With or without kids, The Lodge is a good place to eat out or have some drinks if you are in Lane Cove.

Looking at their website you’d think you could never take your kids there but we visited one weekend morning for lunch and were pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and the food is good. They serve an excellent babychino, and, and, kids eat free from 5pm!


The Lodge, lane cove

Where is The Lodge 

The Lodge is at Shop 1, 24 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove it’s right in the village. When taking kids, just be aware that is dangerously close to Kidstuff (just down the passage).


The first map below shows where it is in the grander scheme of things and the second is where it is in comparison to the other restaurants in the area.

where is the Lodge
Where is the Lodge

Parking for The Lodge

Parking in Lane Cove can get hectic so I’m going to deal with the parking situation in detail.


It’s best to park in the council car park off Rosenthal Avenue or the Woolworths car park. I’ve touched on both of these parking areas briefly below.


The Rosenthal Avenue car park takes up the whole block bordered by Rosenthal Avenue, Rosenthal Lane and Birdwood Lane. It’s easy to see this block in the map below.


parking for The Lodge


The Woolworths car park is behind Woolworths and the library. It is actually called the Market Square Parking. It is in the block made up by Austin Street, Link Road and Sera Street.


Parking for the Lodge Lane Cove

In all the maps above the red pin indicates the restaurant.


Food at The Lodge


Adult food

The Lodge has a Mexican vibe so there is a bit of a bite in the food. I had a burger and the relish was a tad burnt. I liked it but the kids were keen on sharing my food after they tasted it.

The Lodge mexican food


If nothing on the menu interests you there are other options. There are sweet treats on display at the front of the Restuarant. Below is a picture I snapped of the display area.

 The Lodge, Sydney's North shore

Kids at The Lodge 

Kids are definitely catered for at The Lodge.


There were families in abundance when we visited. We were offered high chairs upon arrival and the designated kids’ menu. The kids had chicken with chips (of course). Even though the portion was big the kids managed to get through most of it.


I loved the decor and the vibe of The Lodge. I stayed behind another Campos coffee while my husband took the kids to Kidstuff.

The Lodge, Lane Cove

There is also outside seating for summer days. This is perfect for letting the kids run on the grassy patch in the middle of the village.


The Lodge is open  7 days a week: Monday to Saturday from  7.30am to 10pm and from  7:30 to 4pm on Sunday.

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