South Melbourne Market, Melbourne 

The South Melbourne Market

The South Melbourne Market reminds me why I love markets. It’s filled with fresh produce and flowers, quality food, unusual knick knacks and the odd bargain buy.


Where is the South Melbourne Market

Address and location

The market is located on the corner of Coventry Street and Cecil Street in South Melbourne, Victoria, 3006.

It takes up enough street space for you to be able to notice it immediately. The market is the whole light yellow block pinned in the below picture.

 where is the south melbourne market



Rooftop parking is available above the market which is accessible from Coventry Street and is free for 2 hours.


There is also other parking around the area including York Street. Regardless of where you park it’s a nice stroll through South Melbourne with a lot of interesting little shops.


Features of the South Melbourne Market


There are a plethora of different shops and some really novel things on sale.


We visited on a rainy Friday afternoon at the South Melbourne Market. Although we only spent an hour or so there we still managed to buy a few things.  We got a beautiful muslin blanket for the littlest, a Spider-Man watch for our 3 year old, flowers, quality Italian pre-cooked meals and have a coffee.


This is a great family activity when the weather isn’t great outdoors and you’ve had enough of noisy indoor play centers.


I reckon you could have lunch at the market after a stroll through all the stalls.  Just be careful with little fingers because there are a few toy stalls which tend to attract little people.

Features of the South Melbourne Market
the amazing food at the south melbourne market  Features of the South Melbourne Market
gorgeous flowers at the south melbourne market

South Melbourne Market’s Facilities

We took the pram with us through the market and there was plenty of space to manoeuvre it.


There is lift access from the  allocated parking to the market.


Opening hours


The market is only open on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 4pm.

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