SeaBar, Dee Why


We were lucky enough to visit SeaBar, Dee Why on a gorgeously sunny day which makes any experience even better. There was not a breath of wind and the sea across the road was sparkling. We got a table outside and were able to enjoy our brunch with the beautiful view.


Where is SeaBar

SeaBar is a small little cafe tucked in between two others and I can’t tell you what drew us to it but I am glad we chose it for various reasons. The waitress that served us was stunning towards the children, the food was good and the service was quick.


SeaBar Features

I loved their coffee (I am not sure what make it is). We experienced great service! They were more than happy to give us a half shot for Nana who wanted a weaker coffee and replace mine with decaf at no charge when I forgot to ask them for decaf myself.



Grandad had a BLT which came with more bacon that I have ever seen added to a sandwich in my life.


I had french toast which came with bacon, maple syrup and strawberries and the kids had pancakes which came with ice-cream.


All the food was beautifully presented and absolutely delicious.


seabar great food in deewhy


Excellent Babychinos 

Of course we had to order baby chinos and they came with a marshmallow and chocolate powder sprinkled on top. Everyone was very happy and content. I’m not sure there was much talking around the table while we all ate and ate.


sea bar great baby chinos

Where is SeaBar

The address I found is 20 The Strand, Dee Why 2099, NSW. As it shares an address with another cafe it is quite small so you may miss it unless you park and walk down The Strand.


I would park adjacent to the beach playground and then cross the road and walk North along The Strand until you come across it or park at the James Meehan Reserve parking lot and walk South down The Strand.


where is seabar


There is no website and the Facebook page is very limited but I will go back and get some more information as to what their operating hours are and for photos of the menu.


The downside

The only downside was the bathroom – it was not ideal. You have to walk through the kitchen to get to it but it was suitable. There was an old wooden change table should the need have arisen.


If you’re in Dee Why and wanting to check out the beach or the playground, read our review of Dee Why Beach.

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