Rene’s Pizza Place, Katoomba (Blue Mountains)

Pizza in the Blue Mountains


Rene’s Pizza Place is hands down my favorite place to eat dinner in Katoomba.


It’s completely relaxed but serves the most delicious pizzas. The warm and friendly environment is hidden behind a understated shop front. The restaurant front encompasses the pizza making kitchen that never seems to stop. I highly recommend Rene’s Pizza Place.


Rene's Pizza Place Katoomba


After trying to hunt down a decent place to eat dinner with kids, on a Friday night, we stumbled across a dad and his two daughters carrying a pizza box. Naturally, I asked the man where he’d got his takeaway. I am clearly not a normal person. We were directed across the road to a small restaurant which turned out to be Rene’s Pizza Place.


Where is Rene’s Pizza Place


Rene’s Pizza Place is located in the Main Street at the top end near the station. I’ve added a map below for you to see where it is.


The official address is 4 Katoomba Street, Katoomba.


rene's pizza place katoomba




Parking is not great in the area. Rene’s is on the Main Street in town so anywhere where you can find street parking just take it. The other option is to park along Gang Gang Street opposite Station Bar.  Be careful of loading zones because there seem to be a million in the area.


Be careful with where you choose to park because the locals advised us that the traffic police do very regular patrols.


Why its such a lovely restaurant

. I did all my cursory internet checks and looked through the lists of suggestions on the Sydney kids and parents websites. Despite this, we experience two disappointing restaurants early on in our visit to Katoomba and Leura. The food hadn’t been good and the service worse at the two previous restaurants.


Rene’s Pizza Place was the antithesis of our precious experiences. It is warm and cosy and the food is really good. Just don’t visit expecting a fine-dining experience.


Rene’s is a very very chilled with little space and seemingly very popular with the locals. The food is simple Italian but good classic Italian.
While Renee’s is all about traditional Italian, having been operating for over 40 years they have adapted with the times. Gluten free pizzas and pastas are available. One of the members of our party is gluten-intolerant and loved her pizza. We had trouble convincing her to eat somewhere else the following night.


pizza in the Blue Mountains

Rene’s Pizza Place Menu


Adult Menu

The pick of the night had to have been the Lamb Pizza.  It was incredible. Everyone wanted a bite of it including the kids. With roast lamb, Spanish onion, feta, roast pumpkin topped with mint yoghurt and rosemary it was heavenly. I really can’t explain this any better, it was amazing.


The prices are also excellent – for a Family Size BBQ Meat Lovers (ham, cabanossi, pepperoni, beef and bacon) you’ll pay only $20. That is the equivalent of a normal size boring pizza on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, if you’re lucky.


For reference sake – the small pizza is 9 inch, large is 11 inch and the family size is 13 inches.


There are some specials and deals that run so if you’re visiting make sure to ask your waiter about it.


Kids Menu


The kids portion of the menu comprises of 3 types of pasta so we just ordered a small pizza for my son when he insisted on eating pizza like the adults.


There was a kids high chair on offer and to keep the kids entertained you can take them to watch the pizza making in action.


While no one would object to you taking your pram in I wouldn’t because space is a little limited and you may get frustrated at having to move it around.



Take Away Options


If you’d like to eat in the comfort of your home or accomodation (especially if you’re visiting the Blue Mountains in winter) you can get a take away if you’re in Katoomba, Leura or Wentworth Falls.


pizza kitchen


Down side


There isn’t much space in the restaurant so tables are pretty close together.


The only downside to Rene’s is that they don’t serve alcohol – you must take your own. Which is a bit of a problem if you come in off the street not knowing that in advance and desperate for a glass of wine.

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