Parsley Bay, Vaucluse

Parsley Bay Beach, Vaucluse

I had researched beaches in the Eastern suburbs to find one that would be suitable to visit with my little one. She’s 18 month old who thinks she’s 4. I had seen a little hidden beach called Parsley Bay Beach, Vaucluse. I did not for one second anticipate stumbling upon it by accident but I was very grateful that we did.

parsley bay beach, vaucluse


Where is Parsley Bay Beach, Vaucluse

My daughter and I set off to adventure across the bridge and to see what we could see. We had hoped to visit Murray Rose Pool (Redleaf Beach) but after trying to find a parking near to it for an hour* we wandered further afield to Vaucluse*.


Driving around Vaucluse lost we passed a sign that said ‘Parsley Bay’ and it felt like we’d won the lottery after such a long and pointless morning.


Parsley Bay Reserve should be in your GPS but if not you can put in the following address is Horler Avenue, Vaucluse, 2030.


There is another Parsley Bay, on the Hawkesbury so be careful to put the right details in your GPS or browser.

where is parsley bay, vaucluse


Features of Parsley Bay Beach, Vaucluse

You would be surprised to find that there is more than just a lovely secluded beach.


In addition, you will find:

  • lots of flat grass for running off steam,
  • playground
  • short bush walk
  • a little cafe can all be found in this small little area

playground at parsley bay beach, vaucluse

Bush walk

According to the municipal website there is also “a short bushland circuit. It is  15-20 minutes return. Apparently it takes you to a waterfall at the head of the gully”. If we’re in the area again I will check out the walk and update the post.



From the parking lot you first come across the playground. It is completely shaded and across a little bridge its really quite lovely. If you’re heading for the beach your little one will probably get distracted by the playground so  try avoid walking over the bridge past the playground otherwise you may never get there.


The Beach

The little beach is far set at the end of a grassy patch. It’s all very secluded and sheltered which makes it perfect for little kids. The sand is soft and clean and perfect for digging and building sandcastles.

parsley bay beach, vaucluse


The Cafe at Parsley Bay Beach, Vaucluse 

The little cafe is on the left hand side as you walk onto the grass is called The Parsley Bay Cafe. You can grab a snack (muffins, banana bread, yogurt or biscuits amongst other things. There are lunch options including pasta, rolls, sandwiches and the like. Of course there is coffee – always coffee.

Thankfully there are also babychinos on offer. It is not an extensive cafe and is more like a kiosk than anything but it will do the trick.

parsley bay beach, vaucluse


A note on the parking at Murray Rose Pool 

* I just had to add this footnote in about the parking situation at Murray Rose Pool (Redleaf Beach). I had done some research about the area before and knew that there were a few places we could park in order to get there. However, after trying to park at three different places and walking in the direction of the Pool / Beach we either found it impossible. Either we weren’t allowed to park there or we couldn’t get through to the beach because of all the private beaches or cordoned off areas.


Where is Vaucluse

* We only landed up in Vaucluse by accident. Being from the North Shore / Northern Beaches I don’t know the Eastern Beaches at all and couldn’t tell where Vaucluse was in relation to Double Bay, Rose Bay or Watsons Bay before that day. For those in a similar boat who only know Vaucluse is OTB I’ve included a map below 🙂

parsley bay beach, vaucluse

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