Packing for a Day at the Beach 

Packing for the Beach

Time to hit the beach

With Spring here and Summer impending  it’s time to hit the beach. Whether you’re a newbie or an old sea dog it’s always good to have a list of things to have on hand. Packing for the beach can be a nightmare but not with this cool list.


Living near the beach we have an ’emergency beach bag’ just in case the weather looks amazing and we just have to get out immediately.




Packing for the Beach: The List


Here’s the list of things we try keep on hand:

  1. Sun cream sun cream sun cream. We have two which make application pretty easy – one is a roll on and the other a spray on. So much easier when you’re dealing with wriggling over-excited children.
  2. Water. All that playing, especially when it’s out in the sun will dehydrate them quickly so you must have water on hand.
  3. Snacks for as soon as they’ve finished the water and demand food 🙂 I find fruit is great (rehydrating) and a few biscuits for carbohydrates.
  4. Sun hats. I generally pack 2 per child because one always lands up sopping wet and then it is deemed unwearable.
  5. Towels for the kids. I have these awesome ones with hoods and the kids love them. For parents / adults in the group I always bring towels even if there is no swimming to be done. A large washable picnic blanket which can have sand dumped on it.
  6. Swimming nappies and normal nappies  Swimming nappies if your child isn’t potty trained and normal nappies if you’re in the potty-training stage.
  7. Wet wipes. Water based wet wipes for when your child gets sand all over their face.
  8. Spare clothes. No matter what you do some item of clothing you thought wouldn’t get wet will definitely get wet, you can count on it.
  9. Beach toys. one bucket and one spade per child at least (unless your children are amazing sharers which mine are not).
  10. Shade. If you plan on being at the beach for a long time then you must take some form of shade cover either a beach tent or an umbrella. Some beaches do have shade and others will have umbrellas you can rent.
  11. You will need two plastic bags – one for wet clothes and one for rubbish / trash / wet swimming nappies.
  12. Loose change in case little people are deserving of a treat or you’re desperate for coffee.


I hope you’re reading this in anticipation of a day at the beach, if so have an awesome day out.


packing for the beach

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