Northbridge Baths, Northbridge 

Northbridge Baths 

I always drive past the sign for Northbridge Baths. One day when then weather was half decent and my eldest was at daycare I decided to see what Northbridge Baths is. Off baby and I went for a quick pop in to see what it was all about.


I performed my cursory Internet search to figure out what it was and whether it may be suitable. It looked promising. Two complaints dominated the reviews I read, firstly there is no longer a kiosk and secondly the hill down to the baths is steep. I had to go check for myself.


Where is Northbridge Baths


Off I set with baby in tow to go check it out.

Northbridge Baths is just off Widgiewa Rd, Northbridge. Your GPS may pick up this address or google maps will pick up the Northbridge Baths Fitness and Aquatic Centre.

where is northbridge baths




The parking sits above the baths.

You access Northbridge Baths either by walking down the steps onto the road leading into it or out the parking and back down the road. This may make no sense now but when you get there you’ll see what I mean.



Northbridge Baths Features

Northbridge Baths is a nice little spot perfect for a little visit with your little one. Complete with water, a small patch of sand, grass and shady spots too.  The grass leads towards some wide steps (wide enough to set yourself up on) which in turn leads onto the sand.


When we went there were four other moms with kids ranging from a few months to about 5 years old. The tide had come in so there wasn’t much of a sandy spot for sand castles but it meant that my 1 year old could walk in the water for quite a while before it got deep.

northbridge baths


The above pic is of the shallow swimming area and the sand area with the grassy area behind me. The below pic is how far the tide had flowed out by the time we left two hours later.
northbridge harbour pools


Northbridge Baths Facilities

Oh, on the two issues I read, remember the ones about the kiosk and the hill. I have some answers:

  1. Take your own snacks if you need to eat.
  2. The hill isn’t great but it’s small in comparison to others.


You could definitely take a pram from the car to NB and I saw two mums with babes in prams. The only consideration is pushing it back up, but with a small baby I would say this isn’t a problem. Pushing your baby in the pram with your three year old sitting on the pram would be a different story.


What you can’t see in the pictures is that towards the end of th Baths on the left hand side are swimming lanes. There were a few people taking advantage of it but the whole atmosphere is very quiet and chilled.


Just so you know, there aren’t any lifeguards so don’t take your kids swimming at NB if this is a prerequisite.

northbridge baths
northbridge baths perfect swimming spot on the lower north shore


I’ll definitely go back with the baby and my 3 year old as it’s shallow enough for both kids to have a great time, no waves means no dunking and it’s a contained area where I can monitor them both at once.


Hope you enjoy it if you give it a go! 


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