Moving Bodies Centre, Mt Kuring-gai

Moving Bodies Softplay – great for toddlers

Moving Bodies Mt Kuring-gai is great for toddlers. A big soft play area with lots of room for the to run around. This was one of our favourite places to visit when we lived 30 minutes away. I really like this for little kids and would recommend it to any mom with kids under 4.


The bigger centre is known as Moving Bodies Centre. This review is solely about the soft play area which is suited to 0 – 11 year olds. There are two separate areas with a common eating area / mom’s lounge and bathrooms.


Where is Moving Bodies

There is some confusion as to whether this play centre is in Hornsby or Mt Kuring-gai. Following our exit from the highway the sign said Mt Kuring-gai Industrial Area. So I’m going to go with Mt Kuring-gai.


The official address  is Unit 10, 2 Marina Close, Mt Kuring-gai.  Other references to the address that I’ve seen is corner Hamley Road and Marina Close.


What you want to do though is just put Hamley Road in your GPS and when you get to the end of the road it will be on your left. The red pin is 2 Marina Close and the purple pin is more likely where you’ll find moving Bodies.

where is Moving Bodies
Moving Bodies, Mt Kuring-gai

Moving Bodies Features

The centre is made up of 2 units and you will pay at the first unit and then be directed to the next door unit to enter the soft play area.


There are two separate play areas, one for 0 – 2 year olds and another for 2+.


0-2 year old play area

This was the area we spend most time in.


The soft play area is really lovely – big, safe (sprung floor), clean and virtually empty.


There are plenty of soft structures for little ones to play on: things to play on, slide down, climb up, ride on, crawl through and sit on. The pictures speak for themselves.

     softly at Moving Bodies, Mt Kuring-gai    Moving Bodies, Mt Kuring-gai  softly at Moving Bodies, Mt Kuring-gai

3 – 11 year old play structure

The play structure is 3 storeys tall with lots of twists and turns. The structure is filled with all the things you would expect, a ball pit, tunnels and slides.


A note on the big playing area – DO NOT GO ON THE BLUE SLIDE. I don’t know what it is the angle, the drop or the connections in the plastic. It is so painful and scary for kids and adults. Just don’t go on it.


Moving Bodies, Mt Kuring-gai

kids play structure at Moving Bodies, Mt Kuring-gai

Moving Bodies, Mt Kuring-gai



Eating area

One of the best things is that you can watch your children play, on monitors provided in the eating area. I love this – it’s very smart if you are trying to keep track of two kids.

Make sure the kids eat in the designated area, no food is allowed in the play areas.

 Eating area at Moving Bodies Play Center


Moving Bodies Facilities

The problem with the centre is that there is no cafe or restaurant. You must take your own snacks. Just be sure that the snacks you take are nut free.


The people that work here are great: friendly and like kids which is a plus!


The one other things I wasn’t a fan of is the bathrooms but they’re okay just not perfect.
Moving Bodies, Mt Kuring-gai
jungle gym at Moving Bodies, North Shore, Sydney

Admission and Operating Hours

Moving Bodies Softplay at Mt Kuring-gai is open weekdays.

The cost for play is:

  • $2 for 6 – 11 month olds
  • $4 for 1 – 2 year olds
  • $8 for 2 – 11 year olds.
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