Water Nursery Rhymes for kids

Nursery Rhymes about Water

Nursery Rhymes about Water

These Nursery Rhymes about water are sure to be popular. I’m not sure I know any children who don’t like playing with water. Whether it be at the beach, in the bath, a puddle, a bowl or water or a tap, I think all kids love some aspect of water. 



Row your boat

This has to be the most famous of the Nursery Rhymes about water. If you can think of one that is more popular, please let me know as I would love to include it. 


Until last year I didn’t even know that there were more creative verses to this nursery rhyme. I’ve included them below because they make for a good variation on the song. 


Nursery Rhymes about Water

Bobby Shaftoe’s gone to sea


I came across this Nursery Rhyme quite by accident, long after I had started putting this collection together. I had completely forgotten about old Bobby Shaftoe. But as with so many childhood memories as soon as I read it I had this sense of having known it long ago. 

Bobby Shaftoes gone to sea - nursery rhymes for kids

The rest of Bobby Shaftoe’s gone to sea

The rest of the Bobby Shaftoe Nursery Rhyme goes:

Bobby Shafto’s bright and fair,

Panning out his yellow hair;

He’s my love for evermore,

Bonny Bobby Shafto!

What makes me sad about this Nursery Rhymes is that Bridget who is said to be singing about Bobby died two weeks after she heard that he had married someone else. So sad. 

A Sailor went to Sea

We often sing this song in the car and the kids add their own words at the end. They continuously add the word “knee” and think it’s hilarious that a sailor would go to sea to knee. 


Nursery Rhymes about Water




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The whole reason behind incorporating Nursery Rhymes on the site is to help you find new ones or remind you about old ones you may have forgotten you knew. So often as parents we land up repeating the same songs and rhymes to our children, to the point that we can’t think of a single new one. This section is dedicated to you not losing your mind. 


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You can show the kids the photos so they can associate the words with relevant images and so that they begin to remember their favourites based on the visual and not just the audio. 


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