Nursery Rhymes for the Garden

Nursery Rhymes for the Garden

If you’re outside or trying to get the kids outside Nursery Rhymes for the Garden will be of great help. For me, its not the kids that need the motivation to be outside but rather me so the photos I’ve included are specifically for you parents – inviting images that may make you want to get outside in the fresh air. 


This is the first set of Nursery Rhymes for the Garden, there will be a second set to follow including one about blue lavender. 



Roses are red

This is an old classic but not always suitable for children, I’ve got a version that I think is really sweet. You can teach the kids this rhyme for the outdoors and when they look at the flowers or you can teach it to them around Valentines Day – if that is something you have introduced the kids to. 


Aside from this being a Nursery Rhyme for the Garden, it is a great nursery rhyme to repeat to the kids when they’re discovering the names of different colours. 


Roses and Red and Violets are Blue for kids


Here we go round the Mulberry Bush

I love this Nursery Rhyme because it reminds me of my parents house and playing in the neighbour’s mulberry bushes. The mulberry bushes would hang over into our garden and we could stand on the low walk and pick them to our hearts content. In hindsight I feel for my mother who had to try get those stains out of our clothes. 


here we go round the mulberry bush



An extended version of Here we go round the Mulberry Bush

The extended version of this nursery rhyme is a great nursery rhyme to get kids to learn simple actions. Simply by replacing “here we go round the Mulberry bush” for any activity. You could have:


– this is how we brush our teeth

– watch how we stamp our feet 

– this is how we comb our hair

– this is how we clap our hands

Mary Mary


This is another Nursery Rhyme for the garden that I absolutely love. It seems like such a dainty, pretty nursery rhyme until you’re familiar with the history of the rhyme. I will leave that up to you to research or google. 


mary mary quite contrary

More about the AllThingsMomSydney Nursery Rhyme Collection

Why is it here 

The whole reason behind incorporating Nursery Rhymes on the site is to help you find new ones or remind you about old ones you may have forgotten you knew. So often as parents we land up repeating the same songs and rhymes to our children, to the point that we can’t think of a single new one. This section is dedicated to you not losing your mind. 

Use this resource

Each of  the Nursery Rhymes, these Nursery Rhymes for the Garden and the others are all in photograph form and with realistic images. This is done intentionally so that you can save them to your phone so that you have them at hand. 

You can show the kids the photos so they can associate the words with relevant images and so that they begin to remember their favourites based on the visual and not just the audio. 

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