Nursery Rhymes with Characters

Nursery Rhymes with Characters

Nursery Rhymes with characters are amongst the most famous of all Nursery Rhymes. For some reason these types of nursery rhymes seem to stick in our heads and stay with us for years. 


Here are three Nursery Rhymes with Characters that you are probably very familiar with or were familiar with when you were a child. Three are to follow next week. 


First an apology 

I know I’ve said before that every nursery rhyme will be in photographic form so that it’s easy to save it on to your phone or use it as a learning aid but I’ve had to make an exception.


One of the most well known Nursery Rhymes with characters is Little Miss Muffet. I really do like it and wanted to include it but I couldn’t look through thousands of images of spiders to put together a beautiful image to accompany the nursery rhyme. I just couldn’t do it. I’m sorry. I will include it below but just with the words so as not to traumatise me or your kids. 


Have you seen the muffin man


I absolutely love this nursery rhyme. I don’t know if its the tune or the image of a little muffin man but I loved it as a child and still smile when I think of it today.


Interestingly enough this is one of the old classics that dates back to 1820.


 Nursery Rhymes with Characters


Little Miss Muffet


Little Miss MuffetSat on a tuffet.

Eating her curds and whey. 

Along came a spider.

Who sat down beside her.

And frightened Miss Muffet away


Jack Sprat




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Why is it here 

The whole reason behind incorporating Nursery Rhymes on the site is to help you find new ones or remind you about old ones you may have forgotten you knew. So often as parents we land up repeating the same songs and rhymes to our children, to the point that we can’t think of a single new one. This section is dedicated to you not losing your mind. 


Use this resource

Each of  the Nursery Rhymes, these Counting Nursery Rhymes and the others are all in photograph form and with realistic images. This is done intentionally so that you can save them to your phone so that you have them at hand. 

You can show the kids the photos so they can associate the words with relevant images and so that they begin to remember their favourites based on the visual and not just the audio. 



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