Mini Micro Scooter

The Mini Micro Scooter 

The Mini Micro scooter has pride of place in our home. It’s never far away from our son – either standing at the front door waiting to go or in the back of the car ready for action. The Mini Micro Scooter is always close by.


And we now have two Mini Micro Scooters.


I am in no way affiliate – we just love this product. 


If there is one thing that we never leave home without its my son’s Mini Micro scooter. He is in love with it and even after owning it for more than a year will proudly show it off to whoever glances at it.

mini micro scooter

The Scooter Craze 

When we arrived in Australia in 2015 we were ignorant of the “scooter craze” that dominates most Australian playground and beaches. I didn’t even recall seeing scooters in South Africa at the time of us leaving.  Nearly everywhere we looked we would see kids on scooters. We even saw adults on scooters. The whole thing was just crazy.


My Son’s Love of Scooters


Our son was intrigued. He would stand and watch kids go past on their scooters mesmerised.


As our son often has the memory of a goldfish so we assumed that his interest would dwindle. We wrongly assumed that he would return to loving his new balance bike. Three months on he was still captivated by scooters. We had no other option – we had to get him a scooter for his next birthday.


Introducing the Mini Micro Scooter


We knew that as this was potentially dangerous idea so we wanted to make sure that we got the most safe and sturdy scooter we could. All our research led us to  MINI MICRO and in 18 months we have not had a single issue.


Having a 3 / 4 year old boy means I have seen and examined a whole lot of scooters. Every scooter we see we have had to examine – friend’s scooters, scooters in the shops, random people’s scooters. I won’t lie of all the scooters I have examined, I have preferred my son’s every time.


The Mini Micro is definitely a brand that I comfortable recommending.

 the best scooter for our kids
What I love about the Mini Micro 

  1. Three wheel design was a must for us because our son had never been on a scooter before.
  2. A wide silicon deck which is great for grip and for a sense of a solid standing space that your little one will feel safe standing on.
  3. Comfortable handles that don’t give you blisters on your hands.
  4. Back break that is easily accessible for little ones to reach back and put their feet on. It is sensitive to pressure so it picks up your little one’s foot touching it immediately.
  5. Lightweight. It is so light – it weighs 1.9kgs.  This is a great feature when you are having to carry it and two children home.
  6. The sturdy metal frame. Yes most scooters are metal but they don’t feel solid or durable.
  7. Lean and steer design so you child leans to manoeuvre but it doesn’t require them to lean too far which would worry me.
  8. The colours available are bright and perfect for kids.



At the time of buying my son’s the T-bar wasn’t adjustable from what i’ve seen online on the micro website  the handle bars are now adjustable. I would encourage you to go online and check out the specs and the colours available if you are interested.


I love this scooter range so much I’ve just bought a second one in anticipation of our little girl wanting one for Christmas.

You can buy the mini micro from good Toy Stores, online from the Micro Scooters website or from various online bike stores. We bought our son’s from ScooterHut. Just make sure you get free delivery, you really should when your purchase is over $100.

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