Meadow Kids Silly Faces Bath Stickers

Silly Face Bath Stickers

I have been looking for these Silly Face Bath Stickers for over a year. After almost giving up I have finally found them. I am so happy as are the kids, we are all over the moon that we have found them. We have hundreds of bath toys but nothing has come close to these yet.


What are Bath Stickers


Bath stickers, as their name suggests are stickers that you can play with in the bath. Except that they are not small and ruined by water like normal stickers.


Why The Meadowland Silly Faces Bath Stickers


These are giant pieces of foam with which you can construct various crazy faces.


The point of the stickers is to put faces together using the pieces on offer – there are three round beige circles which are the base of the face and then there are various hairstyles, eyes, eyebrows and noses to choose from.

Male and Female Faces

The pack we got is male and female faces. My son has made representations of our family which are hilarious. Thankfully I haven’t overthought it too much yet so I’m not concerned yet that he thinks my eyes are crazy or he is colour blind 🙂

Meadow Kids Silly Faces Bath Stickers

To accentuate the face there are moustaches, an eye patch, glasses and beards.


Meadow Kids Silly Faces Bath Stickers
There are so many variables that it is going to take the kids a while until they get bored. They are actually quiet in the bath (worryingly quiet) and there are 37 pieces that it means that they can both be entertained at the same time without any fights.

Meadow Kids Silly Faces Bath Stickers

The stickers are made out of some sort of foam and stick to the bath or the tiles when wet. Designed in the UK and produced in China they have been a mission to find here in Australia. We finally found them in a small toy store at the Belrose Supa Centre in Sydney.

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