McKell Park Playground, Brooklyn 

McKell Park 

Discovering McKell Park Playground in Brooklyn is another example of us getting lost. It’s actually embarrassing how silly I was this time. However all is well that ends well and I’m glad we stumbled on this little gem!


We set out North of Sydney to visit Brooklyn to feed ducks and didn’t see a single one. Not only did we not know that Brooklyn is a little town but we didn’t know which part of Brooklyn we were aiming for.

We didn’t see a single duck but we see a pelican in the distance, some seagulls and dogs.


 in the words of my 3 year old ‘we went the wrong way for ducks but still had fun’. 


I also know you can’t put a town’s name in your GPS and expect to find a duck. In hindsight it was a ridiculous move.

Where is Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is a little town on the Hawkesbury River. It has a school, fire station and train station (food places and houses too). It’s just North of Sydney and actually pretty close to the suburbs of Sydney’s Upper North Shore.

Where is McKell Park Playground?

Beyond the town, past the train station and marina is McKell Park.

McKell Park Playground, Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury river


The above pin shows exactly where we landed up in relation to the M1, Brooklyn and the river.

For a GPS address you could use Mckell Park, 23–25 Karoola Street, Brooklyn NSW 2083, Australia.

The other alternative is to take the train from Hornsby to the Hawkesbury Station, it’s only a 25 minute trip (one way from Hornsby).

 Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury river with kids

McKell Park Features


There are a number of lovely reasons to visit McKell Park – the playground, the walk along the water and the Hawsbury Baths.


The Hawkesbury Baths

We wandered out from the Park carpark and found a little walkway. A short walk  along that walkway  we had found the Hawkesbury Baths, an enclosed swimming area. The kids both played on the sand and in the water despite it being Autumn.


McKell Park Playground, Brooklyn 

The Playground

Right in front of the car park is a little playground with a fishing / boating theme.

As we were the only people there we spent an hour playing on the slides and the climbing ropes.

Against the backdrop of the river spending time at the playground was so peaceful even with two crazy kids and two bush turkeys in a tree. The views are magnificent and with the odd Pelican popping in for a visit, you feel like you’re in a different world.

Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury river with kids

McKell Park Playground, Brooklyn 
Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury river with kids

McKell Park Facilities

You could really set up for a morning or afternoon and be quite comfortable. A little further on there are some picnic benches and bathrooms.


The town itself has a few fish and chips shops, a cafe and general store within walking distance from the station.


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