Lollipops Play Centre, Castle Hill 

Lollipops – The best play centre in Castle Hill

It calls itself ‘The Hills District’s Premier Family and Party Destination’ and it’s true.


Where is Lollipops Play Centre 

Lollipop’s official address is Unit 8/10 Hudson Avenue, Castle Hill, 2154.


Lollipop’s Features 


The first time we visited, we got to Lillipops at 9:40 so just after it opened and we weren’t even the first people there. We were beaten by three other moms with kiddies about 2 years old or thereabouts.


It was nice and quiet at this time and there was plenty of parking.


Given that my kids had been awake since the crack of dawn, both were ready to leave after 2 hours of full out playing. By the time we were leaving the car park had filled up substantially but inside it was still pleasant and there wasn’t the feeling of being overcrowded or numbed by deafening noise.


It’s big but not overwhelming, my son’s favorites were definitely the air powered canon type things that you can shoot soft balls out of. I heard him yelling “I’m like Jake and the Neverland pirates with my cannon” at one point.

lollipops play centre in the hills

lollipops castle hill
A note on these “cannon balls” the release of air makes a woosh noise so just be aware and warn your little one so that they are not taken by surprise – my 1 year old nearly jumped out of her skin at this.


Enclosed ares for under 3s

But there is an enclosed area for kids under 3 and it’s got:

  • quite a lot of soft blocks.
  • balls.
  • wall puzzles.
  • a light up slide.
  • a small ball pit for the little ones.


Also for little kids is an enclosed driving area.

lollipops play centre in the hills


Additional Activities

Aside from the above there are so many other things to enjoy:

  • spinning tea cups.
  • slides (even a super slide for over 6 year olds)
  • climbing frames.
  • jumping castle.
  • enclosed area for driving.
  • a big ball pit.

Quick note on the spinning tea cups – you can ask that they be locked in place so that they don’t spin around individually.

lollipops castle hill

lollipops play centre in the hills

lollipops castle hill
lollipops play centre in the hills

Lollipops Features

What I really like about this place is that it focuses on the kids’ safety.

When you walk in you’re given a sticker with a barcode to stick to your child’s clothing and a card that has corresponding stickers – these two are then compared when you leave.


Additionally on the safety front, the play areas have little signs setting out the requirements for playing on that particular piece of equipment.


Two other benefits of this place is that there are little toilets for your under 5s and the whole area (including access to the facility) is all flat so there are no obstacles to taking your pram in.


Party packages are on offer with 5 designated party rooms.

lollipops castle hill

Lollipop’s Admission Prices and Opening Hours


Lollipops is open 7 days a week:
-  9:30am to 6pm Monday to Thursday
-  9:30 to 7pm on Friday
-  9am to 6pm on weekendsAlready a winner I say 🙂

The costs vary depending on age and whether its a school day or not. We went on a random Friday and paid just over $20 ($4 for me, $11.90 for my 3 year old and $8.90 for my 1 year old).

The three age categories are:

  • 2 – 11 years and you pay $15.90 on a non-school day
  • 12 – 23 months and you pay $11.90 on a non-school day
  • babies under 1 year of age are free.


As an adult you pay $4.50 on a non-school day.


The adult ticket price includes a drink voucher which you can use to get a tea, coffee or soft drink. I’m a decaf loser so I had to chip in 50c for my decaf but thats okay, the coffee isn’t bad and the pear and raspberry bread was good too.


Lollipop’s Rules

There are a couple of rules to take note of:

  1. Socks must be worn at all times – even by adults.
  2. You aren’t allowed bringing food into the place, unless it’s baby food. They make exceptional babychinos and for only $1! Bargain!
  3. You are only allowed taking photographs of your own child.
  4. Children under 2 have to have an adult slide with them and clothing must cover bottoms and thighs.


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