Little Tikes Activity Garden

Little Tikes Activity Garden

The Activity Garden Name is Quiet Deceptive

The name is quite deceptive as the only garden element is the stickers on the wall. In our home its been called “The Princess Castle” and its where my daughter often retreats to just to sit in it.


The Activity Garden’s Features

There are so many aspects to this toy that I’m just going to touch on a few elements that will keep your kids entertained:

  • Postbox with different shapes to post.
  • An archway for crawling through.
  • Telescope which my kids use as a microphone when they’re not looking through it.
  • A ball drop. We’ve since lost the little balls that come with so have resorted to using plastic golf balls.
  • Shutters that open and close.
  • A little doorbell structures as a xylophone / piano.
  • A play panel which fits into the one side of the activity garden but can be removed and taken to play with in the car (even this has its own five elements.

My little girl is already 18 months but we get so many questions about this product that I thought it deserved a review and to be added to the “Things We Love” section of the blog.


Is the Little Tikes Activity Garden worth the price tag

After a lot of debate about whether it would be sturdy enough, interesting enough and small enough to sit in the lounge all the time we decided to go ahead and buy it. I am so glad that we did, my daughter loved it when she opened it for her birthday and she loves it to this day. It is so attractive to little ones that my soon-to-be 4 year old even loves it.

Little Tikes Activity Garden

What about the criticisms I’ve read online

Prior to buying the Little Tikes Activity Garden I read a few negative reviews on a couple of US sites. The negative comments were largely based on the three criticisms I raised above but each one of these has proven to be baseless.


1. Is the Activity Garden Sturdy Enough

The Activity Garden is sturdy enough for my daughter to dangle herself over the top without it toppling over on her. This is not an activity I promote but she has tried to do this a few times.

My 3 year old goes in and out through the door without problems.


2. Is the Activity Garden Interesting Enough

There is so much to do with the Activity Garden!! If they were only allowed one inside toy to keep them entertained indoors this would be the obvious choice.


One of the big draw cards of the Activity Garden is that it can be played with as a cubby or opened up so even if the kids get to big to fit in it they can still enjoy the many aspects of it.


3. It may be too big for our space

While there is so much to do within this structure, it is not that big. The dimensions are 84.45cm L x 64.8cm W x 63.5cm H.


Now I’m not one for measurements – by way of comparison, it takes up as much space as a little table with two chairs would.

Little Tikes Activity Garden


Yes it required assembly but it didn’t take my husband that long, even though I was trying to interfere with my much better ideas and suggestions and we were able to quickly assemble it the night before her birthday.

It’s a great toy for little ones and a worthy birthday present! 

Little Tikes Activity Garden

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