Kidz Connection, Oxford Falls 

Kidz Connexion – what a fantastic find

Kidz Connexion with a “Z” and an “X”. I can never remember those little details but they make a world of difference when you’re looking for details.


I don’t know how but I managed to be blissfully unaware of Kidz Connexion. When one of my friends suggested we try it out I was game, little did I know it would become one of our regular spots.


What a great discovery! Plenty of parking, small but with big enough variety and space for younger kids to be entertained and it’s still got a decent cafe. What is not to love!


Where is Kidz Connexion 

Kidz Connexion is at 2 Dreadnought Road, Cnr Wakehurst Parkway, Oxford Falls, 2100.


Don’t get confused when you see you’ve arrived at a church complex – it’s in that huge complex.


If you’re coming from east along Mona Vale road do not take the route which takes you south down Wakehurst – the roads aren’t proper roads and it’s a nightmare unless you’re in a big 4X4. Rather take the long route down Forest Way, along Frenchs Forest Road and back up north along Wakehurst. I learnt this the hard way.


To get to the actual play area from the parking, you enter through a court yard. Just across from the courtyard you will see the door to the cafe. The play areas are outside of the cafe but covered.


where is Kidz Connexion

Kidz Connexion Features


There are three main play areas and a little enclosed area inside the Cafe. The areas are all completely gated and so its safe for the kids to run around.


One giant play structure


The giant play structure is outside the Cafe but under a big awning.


There are slides inside the structure, a mini-flying fox and various areas to climb up and walk through.


Kidz Connexion, Oxford Falls

A space for cosi coupes and other little trike type things.


While this area is mostly for riding the little trikes and cars around it also has a few small plastic structures for kids to climb in and through.

Kidz Connexion Indoor Play area on Sydney's North Shore

Wooden frames Area

Kidz Connexion has managed to retain some wooden climbing frames which are lovely.


There is a big wooden frame pictured below, which has a slide, tunnels and a bridge. Accompanying this is a wooden see-saw, I’ve included a picture because it’s so “old school”.


Possibly the biggest drawcard in the spring-free trampoline.


Kidz Connexion, Oxford Falls


Below is a picture of the indoor play area. It is a small enclosed area inside which seems to be for little babies – it has a few toys and some cushions to sit on.


Kidz Connexion Indoor Play area on Sydney's North Shore


Kidz Connexion Facilities

The facilities are lovely and always clean. The cafe is so awesome that I’m going to deal with that separately below.


There are bathrooms and baby changing facilities.


Everything is flat so you can take the pram in, you may just struggle to get it past all the tables and chairs.



Kidz Connexion Cafe

The Cafe serves Campos coffee and a good selection of food.

Comfory chairs and couches to make you feel like you’re at an actual coffee shop.


And for a big croissant with ham and cheese, a babychino and a Carmel macadamia slice I paid $10 in total and, because it was our first visit I got my coffee free.


The kids love the food and I always find something I like to eat. The last time I visited my friend found some gluten free chocolate things she said was delicious.
Kidz Connexion, Oxford Falls
Kidz Connexion Indoor Play area on Sydney's North Shore  Kidz Connexion, Oxford Falls

Ticketing and Admission

We went this week during schools holidays and as such there was a ‘Holiday Special’ where it’s 2 kids for the price of 1 (I don’t know if this is only 2 kids from the same family or not) so we only paid $7. How cheap is that!! That’s almost half what you pay for a three year old at most places.

I will definitely definitely go back, maybe even next week. It’s my son’s favourite hangout when he is with his  best friend.

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